Close Up tells you the 6 Signs when your Date is Not Worth your Time

The 21st Century woman is driven, motivated, and extremely busy. We are living in an incredible new age. And between having a fulfilling career, an active social life, and perhaps working out, we just do not have time to waste. That is why it is immensely important for us modern women to not waste our time on dates that will just go nowhere. Here are six tell-tale signs that your date is not worth your time.

The Control Freak

A strong woman should not humor control freaks; those are the men who will get offended when you call on the waiter, not them! They’ll also tell you things like you cannot wear a swimsuit unless they are there, or try to convince you that the show/movie/videogame you enjoy is sub par. No sir, not today!


The Easily Distracted One

This is the man who, for one reason or another, cannot pay attention to whatever you are saying. Yes, men and women tend to sometimes have different interests, but it is only common courtesy to pay attention to what your date is talking about. It doesn’t matter if she is telling you about her favorite Korean series or that fab new shade of lipstick, give your lady some attention if you want to keep hers.


The Showoff

He will tell you stories and tales aplenty about all the women who want him, all the men who want to be him, and all the times he bestowed his coolness onto this world. He believes he is God’s gift to women, and you will be much, much better off without him.


The Negative Energy Connoisseur

This is the one who will constantly discourage you and bring you down. If you tell him about an exciting new job you were offered, he will be sure to remind you of how it is too good to be true. Looking forward to an event? He will tell you that it will most probably be cancelled. Love the new white shoes you just bought? He will shake his head and say they will be grey after one outing. We are sure you do not need this kind of negativity in your life. Next!

The Hobo

He just got back from Dahab or Nuweibaa and got stuck in Tom Hank’s Castaway look. It cannot be! This is the man who has taken the bohemian lifestyle to unhealthy levels. While we are not superficial, we would still like to be with a presentable man. He should either maintain his personal hygiene, or move on.


The Death Breath

Last, but definitely not least, stinky breath is the ultimate deal breaker. First of all, who wants to be having a nice, romantic conversation, only to lean in and experience breath so stinky it is borderline toxic? Secondly, it is an indicator for overall bad hygiene, which no one should have to tolerate. The good news is, gentlemen, Close-Up is here for the rescue. With regular brushing, you will enjoy good oral health, and the freshest breath!

So, ladies, keep your standards high. And gentlemen, pay attention to the little things;they really make all the difference in the world. And if you are concerned about the degree of your breath’s minty-freshness, use Close-Up, and enjoy the confidence that it will bring!

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