Chronic Dissatisfaction

Fear is the most toxic element on Earth. It boils silently into your blood creating chronic dissatisfaction. Some people are afraid of the dark or climbing a ladder, other people are afraid of loss and most people are afraid of failure. The result is the same: Dissatisfaction.
The amount of fear that we experience daily without noticing is overwhelming. You fear arriving late to work so you skip breakfast, drive like a maniac with no vain of course because of traffic, and you end up on your desk with low energy resulting in minimum productivity. You fear losing someone you love, so you keep attached to them and obsessing about evaluating their actions and lifestyle. You both end up suffocated and unsatisfied with your relationship from the constant hard work from both sides when a side that is trying to please the other and a side that is constantly focusing on the other’s behavior. Be it a mother/child relationship or a husband/wife one.
Through this journey, we miss out on lots of the happy moments that make us humans and we always wonder why do we have everything and yet unsatisfied? It’s simply because we waste years and years of youth as a result of fear.
We are afraid because we are humans. We are unsatisfied because we always want
more. We scratch the surface seeking perfection although we know that nothing and no one is perfect. Our mistakes are hard to erase and the unknown is hard to escape. The older we get the bigger our fears become. The bigger our responsibilities become, the bigger the fear of loss become. The bigger the regrets hurt. It’s basic human nature.
Real failure is when we are afraid to climb a mountain, afraid to party wildly, afraid to say to someone that you insanely love them because years from now we’ll realize we grew older and we’ll regret it. We become more dissatisfied with our lives because we are afraid to remain in the unhappy zone.
Life goes by us whether we like it or not. It’s an hour glass and every minute is drop of sand that is no longer exists on your timeline. Moments of fear, jealousy, disappointment, laziness, and hate are all a waste of our precious beautiful life. A happy person is a person who overcame fear by breaking it down and understanding it. Knowing that fear is only in your mind and we can never predict the future makes us more immune to dissatisfaction. Think of it, how many times have you been afraid of something and at the end it didn’t happen? A Millions times!
There isn’t any upcoming phase in your life that you’ll be completely happy unless you create your own kind of satisfaction. When someone asks you how you want to see yourself in the future your answer should be: Happy…
In our unconscious mind, everything we do from working hard, to fighting a disease or trying to make a relationship work is only to be happy and as a result, satisfied.
Life is too short to waste it on fear. Eat well, love unconditionally and laugh out loud in public.
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