Cairo’s Hidden Treasures

Cairo is a big city. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of undiscovered gems lurking around its corners. Many of us don’t know Cairo’s full potential. We did some research and ended up with mind-blowing places. Whether you are looking for a delicious meal on a budget or some hard-to-find items, you’ll be pleased.

The Best “Fool” Cart in Downtown Cairo

Near Tahrir in Champeleon St, you will find a rather large truck-like fool cart. Egyptian beans isn’t the only dish served there, though. You will find eggplants, French fries, eggs and pickles unlike any that you’ve tried before. You’ll be surprised to know that most corporate employees who work near Champeleon have breakfast there.

Vintage Store in Zamalek

Looking at the building, you would not expect to find an antique store in there. The shop is in Mohamed Ismail St, above Metro market. Go upstairs and ask for Hamada. You’ll be led to a small store with plenty of antiques. Walking into this store feels like going into a time machine. Hamada’s store sells pretty much anything vintage. Vinyl records, typewriters, record players, old posters, books and even some paintings. The best part is, nothing is overpriced. Hamada knows the value of what he is selling, but he will not rip his customers off.

Genghis Khan

This little Chinese Restaurant in 233 St in Maadi might scare some. The place is tiny, somewhat dim and is always busy although very few people know about it. Genghis Khan is a Chinese-run restaurant. Everything is Chinese including the bill and menu. The place serves the best Mongolian food you will ever have in Egypt. It’s authentic, spicy and delicious. This comes as a breath of fresh air, since all other Chinese restaurants serve Americanized Chinese food. This place is also surprisingly cheap. A filling meal for two could cost from 60 to 70LE!

Ufoq Library

This library is in Qasr Al Ainy St next to Abu Shaqra. What is so special about it is that you will find a huge number of books translated to Arabic. Fiction, classics, academic textbooks and pretty much anything can be found there.

It is sometimes difficult to find proper Arabic translations to books. And this is why this library is one of the best concealed treasures in Egypt.


In front of Maadi Club is a little accessories store called “Successorize for Life”. It looks like every other accessories store. Nothing about the sign is special. When you walk in, however, you will realize why it’s different. It has a vast collection of body modification accessories. There is plenty of different colors, materials and designs to choose from. Lip, eyebrow, navel and tongue piercing studs are on display at the store. The prices are very reasonable. And other than 123, this is the only other store that sells body modification jewelry that we know of.

Fasahet Somaya

Looking for an authentic Egyptian meal with good company? Look no more. Fasahet Somaya is the place for you. It is run by Somaya El Sanoussy. The small venue is on the right side in Bab El Louk alley. This is one of the finest places to have a proper Egyptian meal. There are plenty of options to choose from, just make sure you arrive on the right day. Somaya has a set menu – more or less – for each day. This determines whether you will be having vegetable stew, pasta of some sort or mahshi, along with chicken or beef. The warm-hearted, revolutionary spot is one of our personal favorites. 

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