Cairokee’s Well-Earned Nomination

Cairokee were nominated for MTV’s EMA Award for the Best musical act in the Middle East. The guys never stop making us proud! Our very own rockers are up against Mohamed Assaf, Jana, Omar Basaad and Saad Lamjarred. We spoke to them about their recent nomination.

Things cannot be mundane for a band like Cairokee. “Everyday is a new challenge for us”, they say, “We are always trying to challenge ourselves by trying new things and experimenting new genres in music”. Cairokee’s activity in 2013 may seem more fast-paced than this year’s, but they are men with a plan, “2014 is the maturity year for Cairokee, we feel like we know what we want, and we know where we want to be, we just need to work hard to get there”, they tell us.

Expecting the award or not, a speech must be prepared, “We each personally would have different people that each would like to dedicate the award to if we win it”, they tell, “but it is mostly our fans who have been supporting us and we wouldn’t be nominated for anything without our great fans”.

For a band like that, hardcore lady fans might be a double-edged sword. However, Cairokee are confident that it’s their music that wins their fans over at the end of the day, “I think we have both males and females that listen to us. I would say it doesn’t matter which gender listens to us”, they explain, “what is most important is that we try to stay up to our fans expectations by staying true to who we are”.

We wish our favorite rock stars the very best. Don’t forget to vote for the guys on MTV’s website!

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