Burger Fuel – Because Size Does Matter!

This New Zealand burger chain is one of our new favorite burger places. Burger Fuel’s interesting name comes from the New Zealander belief that food all comes down to being human fuel. This doesn’t mean they neglect the importance of deliciousness! On the contrary, Burger fuel takes delicious sustenance to the extreme. 





The first thing we noticed is the unusually large burgers. The burgers were not only big, but all their components were impressive too. Fresh veggies, flavorful patty and delicious buns.

The sides we had were spud fries – some of the best we’ve had in a while – and motobites, which are crumbed pumpkin, ginger bites served with different sauces. 

Since all the fried foods are fried in canola oil, our filling lunch gave us less guilt than usual! And as if a sweet deal like that could get any sweeter, we finished off with Burger Fuel’s delicious, creamy ice cream.

Overall our experience at Burger Fuel was great. The only downside is the fact that the burgers were so big, we couldn’t finish them. But the laid-back setting, mouth-watering burgers and cool inventions like their burger holders called “doofers” made us put Burger Fuel on the list of places we’ll want to visit again. 

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