Bloom Egypt: One Store To Rule Them All

By Nayera El-Zeki

Imagine a store where you can find hundreds of seldom found shampoos, creams, lotions, body sprays and deodorants. Now add a pharmacy, a first aid clinic, a fitness and nutrition consultancy, a floor dedicated to cosmetics, another to fragrances, and finally a third for mother and child care; sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what Bloom is.

The ground floor is dedicated to skincare, hair care, and bath and body care and is stocked with an incredibly wide variety of products from each. Also, a nutritional consultation room where The Wellness Log sits next to an emergency room where all first aid remedies are provided.

Along the walls leading up to the first floor are murals and puzzle-like decorations that fit together to explain what the coming floor revolves around. The first floor has an outstanding collection of makeup brands, ranging from Maybelline, Burjois and Rimmel to Lord&Berry, MAC, and Lancome. On the far end of the floor sits a large shelf with an array of nail polish colors from ORLY, OPI and others. Next to that, our favorite spot, a fully prepped makeup station for when you need professional makeup application!

The second floor has a largely diverse and vast collection of fragrances from brands including DKNY, Burberry, Dior and Versace. As a Bloom exclusive, a Fragrance Wheel is there to help customers find scents that are similar to the ones they like with a very hassle-free experience that won’t take its toll on your nose.

Finally, the third floor starts with the smartest way to allow parents to shop in peace; a movie hatch! The beautifully designed hatch has a large screen where animations and child-favorites are played to keep the kids busy. Now kids are going to be looking forward to coming to Bloom as much as the parents will.

Visit Bloom now at 20 Wadi El-Nile Street, Mohandessin.

Instagram: @bloomegypt


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