Bardees “I noticed my interest in fashion when I had my first Barbie doll”

Her designs effortlessly combine authenticity with bright colors and funky silhouettes. Bardees is an inspiration to all who even remotely care about fashion, especially women! Bardees’s designs are just like her, gloriously feminine, and unapologetically bold. We speak to her about her passion for fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and girl power!




When did you first become interested in fashion?

As long as I can remember; I noticed my interest in fashion when I had my first Barbie doll. I used to mix and match preset outfits and create new ones. In 2013, I had my Eureka moment and started to study fashion.



Egyptian families are known for wanting their children to grow up to be doctors, engineers and lawyers, what was your family’s reaction to your decision to pursue a career in fashion design?

Actually, my family is very supportive. They saw how I was interested in fashion, so it did not come as a surprise, and was more of the natural path.

Being a fashion designer was not my first job, though. I worked in an advertising agency, then moved on to managing one of my dad’s businesses (travel agency) and now, I have created my own fashion brand.



What obstacles faced you when you started chasing the fashion design dream?

I started my first collection with a very small budget (10K), this was in 2015. So, I did start from the ground up. I would say my only obstacle was finding support from inside the fashion field.

Inside, like any other field, new business entering the market are not usually welcome as this of course affects their market share. I had my ups and downs and my fair share of justified and unjustified criticism.



There are opportunities for women empowerment when designing fashion for women. Is that something you aspire to achieve while creating your designs?

All pieces are designed around the need for comfort. I dedicate long hours to nail the perfect cut, details and finish to ensure that each piece would fit my costumer like a glove.



Would you say fashion design is still a male-dominated industry in Egypt?

I actually don’t think that there is any kind of domination in the industry in Egypt. The fashion industry is still too young for us to measure this. Maybe in 10 years’ time you can ask me this question again.



What is your advice for women who would like to get into fashion design?

Please study first, trust me you won’t get where you want without the knowledge. There is more to fashion design then sketching. Studying is what adds value and makes the sketches come to life.



People express themselves through the fashion they wear, is that also true for fashion design? Do you find yourself expressing your thoughts and feelings through the pieces you create?

Fashion design is art, like painting and sculpting. Of course, whether I like it or not, my character and mood reflect on the designs I create, but I consciously try not to let my personal style be an element while designing, and believe me, this is not easy.



Most Egyptian women have had to answer the question Hanefra7 Biki Emta” before in reference to marriage, despite any accomplishments they may have already made, what would you say in response to that question?

Different things make different people happy, depending on how they perceive happiness. I am the one responsible for my happiness and at this phase in my life, I am happy.

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