Jana Gouda

Asmaa El-Zohairy

Row Like A Girl: Asmaa Al-Zohairy

We all remember singing row row row your boat as children, right? Well, Asmaa Al-Zohairy certainly took this song to heart! She’s a rowing athlete and the founder of ROWIN, where she gives rowing classes in our very own Nile and in the North Coast during summer. We sat down with her to know all…

Impressive graduation projects

5 Impressive Graduation Projects You Need To Check Out

Although Graduation projects are a major source of stress for graduating seniors, they always end up being the most memorable assignments. They’re where students truly get to unleash their creativity and explore what it is they’ve gotten out of their college years. These past few years we’ve seen students come up with useful and progressive…

Mental Fitness

Selma Köhn: Helping Athletes Grow Mental Muscles

When we think of athleticism, our minds instantly conjure images of people doing a lot of sweating!  While there’s no denying that it takes a lot of physical practice to climb a mountain or run a marathon, we often overlook the mental effort it takes.  The perseverance and willpower required to break records are skills…