5 Impressive Graduation Projects You Need To Check Out

Impressive graduation projects

Although Graduation projects are a major source of stress for graduating seniors, they always end up being the most memorable assignments. They’re where students truly get to unleash their creativity and explore what it is they’ve gotten out of their college years. These past few years we’ve seen students come up with useful and progressive projects that aren’t likely to end up gathering dust on some shelf. They raise awareness, enable change, and change narratives. This year’s graduates truly raised the bar! Here are 5 inspiring Graduation Projects to watch out for.

Doula My Companion

Being a Doula is probably one of the most underrated and unheard of professions in Arab and Middle Eastern countries. Doula My Companion aims to change that!

Doula My Companion Logo
Doula My Companion Logo

A Doula is someone that provides psychological and physical support to women before, during, and after giving birth. They’re meant to support pregnant women and make the process of giving birth easier.  So, this group of MIU Mass Communications seniors started “Doula My Companion” to raise awareness about the importance of Doulas and the support they can provide for pregnant women.  Click here to check them out.

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight is also an awareness campaign. It was created by eight girls also from MIU Mass Communications for their graduation project. It provides information and raises awareness about sleep paralysis.

Sleep Tight Logo
Sleep Tight Logo

Sleep paralysis is a state where a person is awake but is unable to move or utter a sound. According to Sleep Tight, it can last for a few seconds or even minutes and occurs at the stage between wakefulness and sleep. Its causes include stress and depression, jetlag, drinking a lot of coffee among other things. Sleep Tight’s research states that 50% of people have experienced Sleep Paralysis at some point in their lives, many of whom didn’t know what it was. So, the campaign doesn’t just raise awareness about Sleep Paralysis and its symptoms, it also provides tips by which you can avoid experiencing it. Click here to check them out!

Safy Ya Laban


Safy Ya Laban is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about Lactose Intolerance, its symptoms, and how to deal with it. Studies have shown that about 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. In Egypt, not only are a lot of people unaware of this syndrome, but they also don’t have products that are compatible with their intolerance. Aiming to change that, a group of eight girls started Safy Ya Laban as their graduation project in order to provide people with everything they need to know about Lactose Intolerance. They give tips and recipes on social media platforms and offer alternatives. Check them out here!

Kemet festival


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Kemet Festival is a graduation project that teaches young people about ancient Egyptian history. It aims to encourage young people to get to know their culture in an interesting way. The students were inspired by the success of the Egyptian Golden Parade. The word Kemet means Egypt in ancient Egyptian language. The project is an annual festival full of interactivity and booths that are educational and entertaining at the same time. Check it out here.

Selah Bel Qalb


Selah Bel Qalb is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about Kafala. Mainly, informing people about the difference between Kafala and adoption as well as correcting the wrong assumptions surrounding it. It also explains how important it is for every child to have a family. And no doubt, that’s one of the most heartfelt campaigns that you should check out!



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