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What are easy and simple ways to keep in shape during the summer months?


Being an active person throughout the summer is the best thing to stay in shape. Park the car and walk to the supermarket. Use the stairs instead of the metabolism killing escalator. Exercise at least 1hour a day to prevent slacking on your exercise habits.

Does the hot weather affect me when I exercise?

Dehydration is the most serious problem facing people in hot weather. When the body loses 2% of its liquids, efficiency of the human organism drops by a whopping 30%. Starting to feel thirsty simply means that the person in question is already dehydrated. Drinking water regularly around the clock, ensures staying properly hydrated.

Eating a banana or two daily provides the essential minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat. As a rule of thumb, you should always replenish both minerals and water, and not only rely on keeping your water intake constant during hot weather or while working out.

What time should I avoid to workout in?

In the gym, you can work out anytime, as long as proper ventilation, hydration and shade are guaranteed. The most important thing is to stay away from the sun during the peak hours, as you will be exposed to direct sunrays, and you may end up with a sun stroke in addition to a sun-burn. Then, basically your vacation is over and complete bed-rest accompanied by rehydration is your only rescue. Sleeping in bed and wearing your clothes will be very problematic due to the sunburn.

Therefore my tip is to so stay away from the sun between 10.00 a.m. and 3 p.m. as sun exposure reaches its highest levels,

 What alternative ways are there to keep in shape rather than go to the gym?

 Playing beach volleyball, swimming and jogging on the beach with your friends and/or your dog are the most engaging activities you can do. Team-sports are also the name of the game, as they are both challenging and fun. At the beach, time passes quickly, so be sure to engage in as much as possible before winter comes around again.

Surfing, kayaking, water-skiing, paragliding and banana-boat are also alternative summer sports, that burn a lot of calories, without being boring.

What guidelines should I follow to keep myself safe while working out in the summer?

Never work out or stay under the direct and hot sun!

What summer-time foods should I eat?

Fruits, vegetables, salads, fat free dairy products, grilled protein and wholegrain carbohydrate sources will keep you healthy throughout the summer without adding unnecessary inches to your waistline.

Stay away from heavy dinners composed of marinated and/or fried food, which is both unhealthy and difficult to digest.

Thyme, pepper and chili are allowed as condiments as they are both healthy and improve the body metabolism by the burning furnace, as they say.

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