‘Art Saves Lives’ Initiative Organizes a Fundraiser for 57357 Cancer Hospital! 

Art Saves Lives is an initiative that empowers cancer patients through art. It allows them to express themselves and share their wonderful creations with the world. The initiative started when filmmaker Sarah Amer and designer Engi Jaouda visited 57357 cancer hospital to see how they can help upon the news of its closure. They both fell in love with the kids’ art in the arts & crafts section of the hospital. Upon that visit, both Sarah and Engi decided to start “Art Saves Lives” an initiative that will kick start its work with a huge fundraising event gathering celebrities, artists, designers, and collectors to donate valuable pieces of their work for bidding, with all the proceeds set to go to 57357 Cancer Hospital. The event will take place on Saturday, February 18th, 2023, at Founders Spaces

We’ve gathered a list of some of the auctioned pieces for you to marvel at. Here’s what you can bid on to support the kids at 57357 Cancer Hospital! 

Asser Yassin’s The Loner

Starting with Asser Yassin’s ‘The Loner’, a personal painting that reflects Asser Yassin’s personal exploration with another artistic medium. It is the first ever painting by Asser Yassin to be on public display; a colorful painting yet deeply moving, allowing anyone that stands in front of it to look a little bit deeper. 

Amir Eid’s Personal Guitar

Amir Eid donated his personal signed guitar with the words of the universally beloved song “Ethbat Makanak”. A nostalgic piece that holds so much meaning once you see it and interact with it. 

Azza Fahmy’s Vintage Jewelery Pieces

Brought always by her love for authenticity, culture, and helping people, the legendary Azza Fahmy has donated vintage jewelery pieces to be included in the event. The collection will include Classic Folkloric Earrings, Filigree Floral Earrings, a Filigree Floral Necklace, and a Filigree Floral Ring. 

Temraza Oscar Dress

Speaking of authenticity and attention to detail, Farida Temraz is donating Temraza’s special Oscar dress. A dress handmade with love with more than 25,000 handstitched pearls. The dress definitely stole the spotlight at the oscars as worn by the Hollywood star Teni Panosian. 


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1955 Citroen Traction Avant Vintage Car

The car that was called “Reine de la Route” or “Queen of the Road” in France and in Germany as the “Gangster Limousine” because of its appearance in many thriller series and its cool dark feel. 


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This car is what popularised front-wheel drive, making it common among the masses for other major companies to follow. The Traction Avant was first produced in 1934 and kept its production until 1957. It is a timeless piece, with an all steel body that contributes to not only its rigidity but also nostalgia.

The Great Art & the Great Artist

The Art Saves Lives Fundraising event will also feature many painting and artworks by Egyptian artists who’ve been a true pillar in the establishment of the Egyptian art scene whether in Egypt or worldwide. First of many pieces, is the late artist Inji Efllatoun’s “Dishnawy Children” from the Safarkhan collection. Injy Efflatoun is one of the pioneers in modern Egyptian art and a leading feminist who’s paved the way for many women to find themselves through her work and powerful representations of women in different contexts. 

Inji Efflatoun


Another amazing painting that will be included in the Fundraiser is the great Assem Abdel Fattah’s “Face from the South”. Assem Abdel Fattah’s true magic lies in his ability to deconstruct real shapes while making sure to keep imaginative interpretations to his work. Assem Abdel Fattah has been active since 1979 and has been one of the biggest contributors in the neo-expressionist style that paved the way for many artists after him.

However, the greatness of the featured donated pieces doesn’t end here. The Art Saves Lives Event will feature pieces by artists Ahmed Askalani, Ahmed Farid, Britt Boutros Ghali, Goerge Bahgoury, Salah Taher, Mohamed Abla, Assem Abdel Fattah, and Soad Mardam Bey. The fundraising event is definitely not only an event, it is also a celebration of the great works that helped many people see themselves through art. 

The Art Saves Lives event will also feature beautiful pieces painted by the kids at 57357, further continuing the mission of the initiative and allowing people to see that art can truly save lives. 

Behind the Scenes

The main sponsor for the Art Saves Lives event is Al Sagheer Group, with the event’s co sponsors Ronald McDonald House Charities Egypt (RMHC), Cake Cafe Cairo, Vibes Egypt, and Souffle Egypt

The event is in collaboration with What Women Want…Magazine, Media & More, Shewekar, Form Studio, TAM Gallery, thebag by sara, Tazyeen NGO. In partnership with Vantage Communications as outreach partner, The Cookery Co. as catering partner, Avis as mobility partner, and Founders Spaces as venue partner. 

Since the event is all about art, many galleries have partnered up with Art Saves Lives to make the event happen. These galleries are: Safarkhan art gallery, Ubuntu art gallery, TAM gallery, Motion art gallery, Nile art gallery, and Salama art gallery. 

The Art Saves Lives Event is not only bringing art together, but it is also bringing people from different areas of the art world to join in on a great message. It is a testament, a proof, and a tribute, to art, kids, and a hospital that painted the world and made it a little bit brighter. 

Bid away and get these amazing pieces here!

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