Are you a junk food addict?

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Junk food addiction is increasing with a very high rate. According to a survey done by (, junk food consumption increased by more than 143 % during the last 20 years only.


Some people, including me, don’t take this problem seriously enough; we think it is only a problem of gaining weight. I thought the same until I knew that eating junk food even in little amounts but on a continuous basis has many health problems other than weight gaining and causing obesity. It can cause diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, high cholesterol, disturbing body chemicals, and can even shorten our lives. Researches and studies have proved that eating too much junk food decrease the secretion of antioxidants in our bodies which in fact can shorten our lives. It is all because of the enormous amounts of sugar, salts and fats that junk food contain.


Quick life patterns, new life styles, spending more than half the day outside home together with food advertisements and its temptations make eating junk food an easy choice. It is something that we do almost everyday and the more we get used to eating this kind of food, the more we want of it because the body gets addictive to its components, scientists say.


To solve this problem, first thing to put in consideration is that eating junk food is not a problem of appearance but is a serious health problem so we must cut junk food’s consumption as much and as soon as possible. Just as we avoid smoking because it is unhealthy, we must treat junk food addiction the same if not more seriously. In order to do so we have to reconsider our life styles and our wrong eating habits. First thing is to get used to having breakfast before going out because it provides the body with all the needed energy of the day so it is totally burnt. Try to avoid eating after 6 in the afternoon. Eating more fish, fruits and vegetables is very healthy and beneficial to the body. Drink at least one liter of water daily. Last but not the least exercising a couple of times per week is very essential for maintaining a healthy life. It will take us some time to change our style and it might be hard to do so but I think it is about time to take the first step.


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