Amir Eid: “Society dictates that men can’t complain, they can’t suffer depression, they can’t cry.”

In the past years, music has become so much more than just tunes that we jam to in our cars and go on with our lives. It has become a reflection of our day to day struggles, a space where we find our lost selves. We owe much of that to the roaring voice of Amir Eid and the lyrics that he so boldly and fearlessly writes to express the Egyptian streets as loudly as possible. 

In your opinion, how would you define manhood? 

Manhood is the presence of your conscience to always guide your way.

How does society define manhood? 

There is a handful of superstitious things that make you a man in the eyes of society, and that includes the language you use, the way you speak, and your attitude amongst those around you. Such ideas are created and promoted by tradition and culture. 

Are there any false concepts or notions about manhood that we inherit?

Society dictates that men can’t complain, they can’t suffer depression, they can’t cry. While women can’t raise their voice on men, or argue with them. 

Do men cry?

I don’t cry as much as I did when I was a child and that often creates some sort of stress inside me. The last time I cried was when my dad passed away. 

How did your parents help you understand the meaning of manhood?

My mom taught me that there is no difference between men and women. She used to work with male workers, and she used to treat everyone normally. I did not have any complexities regarding the differences between men and women. 

In your opinion, what would be the one characteristic that you would like to change about the Egyptian man? 

False manhood, and that is when men suffer insecurities and get it out on others through aggression and loud voices because they are not confident enough.

How can we change society’s view of manhood?

We should always try to create balance between men and women. If both are working, then she does not need to make him food, and the same goes with the kids. They must learn to cooperate.

How do you think fathers should react when their daughters come to choose their life partner?

They should listen and try to share their experiences with their daughters. Instead of pretending to be “the man of the house” and everything happens behind his back, he needs to teach her how to trust him.

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