Amina’s Impressions

This weekend, we had the chance to meet with Amina Salem at Picasso Art Gallery in Zamalek where she exhibited a wonderful collection of paintings.

Her new exhibition ‘Impressions’ was a collection of amazing paintings made of collages and mixed media. Each and every paintng screams with empowerment in a way or another.

“My art is all about beauty and positivity. I like painting women in general, showing empowerment and beauty” Amina comments.

The collage paintings are incredibly beautiful. From luck to freedom, each painting has a story to tell.

Most paintings show a wild yet feminine side of women. Her heroines are empowered, smart and genuinely beautiful. Seduction also plays and important role in her paintings. Her women are seductive with a great female edge. They are free, loving life and powerful!

Amina is such an amazing female artist and a proud Egyptian.


Check out her Facebook page: Amina Salem

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