AlRawabi School for Girls: Fiction or A Horrifying Reality?

Al Rawabi School for Girls: A Horrifying Reality or Fiction

School can be a nightmare or a fairytale, and the nightmare’s now on screen for everyone to watch. 

Mariam lay on the floor, blood streaming from her head, as footsteps ran away from the scene. Are you hooked yet? The AlRawabi schools for girls series depicts the life of a young female in an all-girls high school.

The story follows her attempts to retaliate against the so-called popular girls who have turned her life around. Does it ring a bell? Yes, it’s similar to a modern-day Mean Girls movie if it were a six-episode series with a Middle Eastern background storyline and cast.

The plot…sans spoilers!

The series begins with a grasping hook that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire series, or at least the first episode.  The first scene shows how she was bullied without showing her bullies, so there’s a lot of mystery in the first few minutes where we try to guess who among the other schoolgirls might be the attacker.

This series depicts how teens can be a pain to one another, without a wink of guilt or sadness. Throughout the series, you will see how the characters were making hateful comments to one another and committing acts that inspired an anger you wouldn’t imagine anyone could hold.

AlRawabi School for Girls depicts how the girls’ backgrounds, their upbringing, parents, and economic status are responsible for their behavior. For example, one character’s father’s high status has resulted in her thinking she can get away with anything. She bullies with no tears or fear. On the other hand, we also see an example of a loving parent who gives their child ultimate care and how this impacted their personalities and behaviors.

Layers to Unpeel 

The concept of bullying is illustrated in a remarkable way that people all over the world can easily relate to and understand. The young actresses take us through a journey into the lives of their characters and how they reached this point. They masterfully demonstrate how bullying can cause significant changes in a person’s life and personality. Although bullying has long been depicted and discussed in films and television shows,  few have touched our hearts as deeply as AlRawabi School for Girls.


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The show will definitely trigger some tears! Get your tissues ready. It will cause you to seriously doubt your stances. At some points, you won’t know who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist. When you reach the end, you won’t know who to feel sorry for and whose team you’re on.

The 6-episode series will also introduce you to some elements of Jordan.  You will see strict parents neglectful parents, and “you aren’t like your sisters” parents. You’ll also get controlling brothers. Basically, people that you are likely to encounter in your daily life in the Middle East.

The plot of the series addresses issues that are not in your typical Middle Eastern series, such as the impact of social media on youngsters and where it fits in the process of bullying and sexual harassment.  Also, how Middle Eastern society portrays mental health and seeking professional help.

Other things to watch out for 

Still not hooked? Along with the gripping plot, don’t forget to enjoy the pink and girly decors and sets that are absolutely eye-catching. Also, the series features catchy middle-eastern music you’ll definitely be shazam-ing and adding to your playlist as you watch!

Al Rawabi school for girls is a Netflix original Arabic series that is directed and produced by Jordanian filmmaker, Tima Shomali and co-written by Shirin Kamal, and starred by the gorgeous female-cast Noor Taher, Rakeen Saad, Salsabiela, Andria Tayeh, Yara Mustafa, and Joanna Arida.

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