All About the Knorr-Curated 50 Foods that are as Healthy for the Planet as they are for You!

For too long the human race has deviated from the path of healthy eating in favor of foods which are quick, easy, yet lacking in nutrition, damaging not only our bodies, but the planet as a whole. The harmful impact of the unhealthy food industry is not only limited to our bodies, but Mother Earth itself. That is why changing our diet to be healthier, more natural, and most of all more nutritious, has become an urgent necessity.

This is why Knorr, the company known for its wholesome and innovative food products, joined forces with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Dr. Adam Drewnowski, to make a list of the “Future 50 Foods”. And on February 19th, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Sam Kass, Former White House Chef and Policy Advisor for the Obama Administration, joined Knorr and WWF to unveil those foods. Alongside Sam Kass, the event hosted an impressive list of speakers including Pierre Thiam, Co-Founder of Yolélé Foods; and Dorothy Shaver, Global Sustainability Lead for Knorr.

The list is far more complex than your average “superfoods” list. The foods on this list are nutritious, delicious foods that are healthy for your mind, body and soul. Not only that, they are also the kind of foods that are good for the environment. The planet, much like our bodies, is suffering due to the unhealthy eating habits of some individuals. This is why this list matters, for our future, and the future of the planet.

The Future 50 Foods are full of all the nutrients one could need. Contrary to popular belief, you can, in fact, get enough protein, minerals and even vitamins from a plant-based diet. The Future 50 Foods include delicious, accessible vegetables, legumes and nuts; from lentils and fava beans to broccoli and spinach, you will be sure to receive all the nutrition you need from these foods. The wide variety of foods on the list also ensures they work beautifully in terms of nutrition as well as flavor. The best part is that the protein-heavy foods on the list such as lentils, happen to be an extremely affordable substitute to poultry and meat.

One might think that 50 foods might not be enough to keep our palates satisfied. But these foods were chosen meticulously to satisfy all palates, with plenty of different flavors and textures. And with a list so diverse, you will never find yourself running out of recipe ideas. Perhaps you would like to try a delicious, creamy spinach spread, or a broccoli casserole with cheese… perhaps a filling lentil salad, the options are endless! The Future 50 Foods, ironically, require us to go back to our roots, as they are very reminiscent of ancient foods; fresh, succulent and most importantly, full of life. These foods aim to empower people towards positive change, and what would be a better change than one that pleases your palate, boosts your health and saves the planet?

Knorr did not only come up with the list in cooperation with WWF and Dr. Drewnowski, they have also made sure they do all they can to help the people enjoy the Future 50 Foods, by providing a myriad of mouthwatering recipes on their website.


Learn more about the Future 50 Foods, and find out creative ways to cook them, on Knorr’s website.


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