A Laugh or an Existential Crisis? Here Are 5 Comedy Specials for you to Decide!

Comedy Specials

As a concept, performance, or story, comedy has evolved like everything else. It is a form of entertainment that is timeless and connecting. Comedy is also a profound and non-traditional way to express thoughts we might fear saying out loud. It is a way to make fun of the deep and unsettling thoughts we all share and it is also a way to just sit down and share a laugh with the people you love most. 

For that, as an ode to comedy and laughter and shared struggle, we have gathered 5 stand-up comedy shows for you to watch! 

Is it really funny or a masked existential crisis? 

Daniel Sloss – The Live Shows 

Daniel Sloss’ 2-episode live comedy show will absolutely bathe you in discomfort, not because the show is particularly anything. However, Daniel Sloss manages to talk about real-life struggles and traumas in the funniest way possible. You will definitely not be able to mask your laughs nor will you be able to hide away from any joke. 

Daniel Sloss

The first episode – Dark – which is absolutely well named, will take you on a heartfelt journey that you didn’t even know you needed. The second episode – Jigsaw – is believed to be the reason behind hundreds of breakups, so we will let you decide how “dark” these episodes get. One thing we can guarantee is the non-stop laughter you will experience. 

Bo Burnham – Make Happy

Bo Burnham Make Happy

Bo Burnham’s approach to comedy is one that is … unique. It is one that is artistic and well-timed. Bo Burnham truly Performs his shows and knows how to get a laugh out of his audience. Make Happy is a show about performing, and doing that so well that at times, you will wonder, why Bo didn’t become a performer, a singer, or an entertainer. But he did, in every way possible, he definitely did. 

John Mulaney – The Comeback Kid

John Mulaney The Comeback Kid

I mean? Has John Mulaney ever disappointed anyone? 

John Mulaney’s slow-burn focused approach is anything but slow, he will have you laughing within seconds. This show is the lightest thing you could put on while trying to just relax, unwind and watch something good. And remember, John Mulaney never Disappoints. 

Bo Burnham – Inside 

Inside bo burnham comedy special netflix

Yes, Bo Burnham, again. It takes exactly one minute to understand the brilliance of Bo Burnham and exactly his 3 comedy specials to know that there isn’t anyone like him. 

With Inside, Bo Burnham decided to shoot a one-man comedy special to try to maintain his sanity in quarantine. It was Bo Burnham’s comeback after his decision to quit live shows. He initially quit doing live shows for 5 years because they affected his mental health too deeply, to the extent that he used to get panic attacks during his comedy shows. That is just a glimpse of how much mental and physical energy Bo Burnham’s unique take at comedy takes. Inside is a deep psychological representation of one man, and throughout that, you will definitely laugh, and also feel deeply moved by it. 

Trevor Noah – Son of Patricia

Trevor Noah Son of Patricia comedy

In Son of Patricia, Trevor Noah talks about his roots in South Africa, paying tribute to his beautiful upbringing. He also talks of his American experience, stating the difference between where he came from and experiencing things for the first time in America. Trevor Noah’s Son of Patricia is homely, funny, and beautifully authentic. It’s something you can watch with family and friends and guarantee yourself a great time.

This list is guaranteed to give you the greatest time on a tired Friday, although it’s going to be a bit dark, but it will still be worth it.

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