Couture Styling to the Rescue!

Last April, Kerastase celebrated its 50th anniversary by launching its newest collection: Couture Styling. The 150 most fashionable women across Egypt were invited to the Fairmont Nile City Hotel. There, they enjoyed an exclusive demonstration of the fabulous line by top hair dresser, Yves Galler.  We got to speak to Yves and he let us in on some hair-styling secrets.


Tips to protect our hair from the summer sun?

You need to put something before going out in the sun. Some oil or gel for that fights the damage from the sun.


Does hair conditioner make the hair weak?

It depends how you use it. You have to leave it 2-3 minutes. And you have to massage your hair.


Are hair extensions really that damaging?

Some can damage it. However, sometimes the client thinks the extension damages their hair, because when they take out the extension they see a lot of hair falling out. It’s normal, though. We lose hair every day.


Best product for frizzy hair?

Couture Styling has lots of products for hair construction and styling. For example Form Fatale and Touche Finale. They will help with frizzy hair.


What kind of food gives us healthier hair?

Anything that has  Vitamin B. It’s really good for the hair.

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