90’s Fashion Items we’re Glad didn’t make it back!


We’ve noticed that there are many fashion items coming back from the 80’s and the 90’s and we just love it! We’re even gladder, or more like relieved, that some items didn’t make it back. Here are 10 items we are glad stayed in the 90’s!


Stirrup Pants

These were very big in the 90’s for young kids to fully grown adults alike. Stirrup pants were the way to go! If you were lucky, you would get a pair split into 2 different colors; that would make you extra cool!


Slap-on Bracelets

This was maybe something for the younger ones, but was still all over the place. Colors, textures and patterns were all over the place!

colorful windbreakers 

Colorful Windbreakers

You would not leave the house without one! Pink and turquoise dominated the windbreakers scheme. Men, women and kids; we all wore them!

 handkercheif top

Handkerchief Tops

These are handkerchiefs and should stay that way. This syndrome started with Britney Spears, but thank God faded out and never made it back!


Ridiculous Jumpers

The number of silly jumpers we saw in the 90’s was endless! They would come in ridiculous colors, ridiculous prints or random celebrities printed on them, because why not!


Skiing Sunglasses

These sunglasses were clearly made for skiers and skiers only. Somehow, it became a trend during the 90’s to wear them everywhere; to the beach, to work… really everywhere!


The Chunkiest Sneakers

Chunky sneakers really made their debut after the movie Space Jam. Everyone went out and got a pair of those white, stocky sneakers.


Zigzag Hair Clips

Your mother would nag you to put it on because your bangs went out of control again, but those hair clips really made more damage than good! You would definitely lose a chunk of hair when trying to get them off.


Titanic printed bags

You weren’t a real fan if you didn’t have one of those bags, or a mug or a towel. It’s a good thing this trend ended there or there would be bags with the revenant on, that wouldn’t be pretty.


Colored Glasses

Why, why, why was this a thing? Blue, pink, yellow, green and purple, we had glasses in all colors of the rainbow and it was catastrophic. Made popular by pop musicians, we wore those for years!

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