8 Ways to Wow with Denim

Most of us have a few staple Denim garments in our wardrobe, but often they are tired, overworn and put together in outfits that lack inspiration. Well these looks will show you how to revitalize your denim in new and exciting ways, inspired by our very own Arab fashionistas!



In Denim, you are never too old to release your inner child.

Love by N
Courtesy of @lovebyn

Hana ElAwadi

When the Spring sun is shining, whip out your Denim dress!

hana elawadi
Courtesy of @hanaelawadi

Zeynab El-Helw

Founder of Fashion Pirate

This Denim-kissed look is the ideal way to go when it is neither cold nor hot!

Courtesy of @fashion_pirate

Alia ElEssiely

Denim jackets don’t have to just compliment your look, they can be the actual look. Especially when they have a bit of sparkle and pizzazz!

Courtesy of @aliaaelesseily

Yasmine Kenawi

Make your day brighter by making your outfit brighter: denim and white garments make the perfect combo.

Courtesy of @yasminekenawi

Mirna Nakhla

It is the best of both worlds; casual and formal for the perfect Day and Night outfit.

Courtesy of @mirnakhla

Ascia Akf

The whole world wears denim but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little culture and identity to it to make it your own!

Courtesy of @asciaakf

Nadine AbdelAziz

Make a statement with this Pearl embellished denim, perfect for a brunch-date with friends.

Courtesy of @nadineabdelaziz
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