7 Things that Got Extinct After the Millennium


Before the Millennium, there were many things that we couldn’t live without. They shaped our lives and brought us fun and joy. Remembering how we couldn’t live without them just make us laugh out loud!
Video Rentals
Summer nights were all about those. Every one of us had a video rental store around the corner. In the early 90’s, you could rent a movie for only 3 LE a day. Today, we have Virgin Megastores for up to the minute DVDs and some people prefer illegal downloads.RIP the Video Rack.
Cassette tapes
 casette tape
Arabic or Western music, we all bought them on tapes. People also used to record their voices on tapes and send them to their relatives and friends abroad instead of a written letter. Today, there is no time for intimacy, we have Skype, Viber, Tango, Facetime, and by the time you are reading this article, a new app will be invented!
Home landline

A black vintage rotary phone on a white background

Remember those days when you would have a fight with members of your family over who wants to use the phone first? Long gone are the days when you call a friend on their landline. Today, people text each other on the same dining table or in the next room.
Car horns
 car horns
Car horns were mostly used when you are waiting for a friend downstairs and want them to know that you arrived. Some people even used to have their trademark horn sound.
Post Cards and scented letters
 post card
In a time were smiley faces and the click button were rocket science, we used to send post cards and scented colored letters to people abroad that could take ages to get delivered. Today, we were able to connect with Felix who decided to freefall from the edge of space!
36 picture camera
 90s camera
OMG the film is finished! Who doesn’t remember that one? We used to buy camera films that allowed us to take only 36 photos. And we could only see the outcome after a couple of days. Today, you get to take a photo, edit, delete, retake it and post it again to the public per minute.
Photo Albums
Every family had several photo albums to store their great memories. With different shapes and sizes, photo albums were an essential in every household. Who doesn’t remember the cheesy Kodak albums? Today, very few people use photo albums. We store our photos online in numerous albums and very few people care about holding a real picture in their hand.
Arby’s Blaze Burger
Ok, now who forgot about the one and only Blaze Burger? With the sauce dropping from each side and the delivery guy constantly late…
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