7 things I stole from my mama’s closet

A mom’s closet is every girl’s idea of a haven. At some point in our lives, we’ve all taken our picks of our moms’ most appealing personal items. So, what is the story behind your take-and-run?

“This silver-plated necklace was my mom’s gift to me when I was young. Ever since she gave it to me it became my safety token that brings me luck and happiness.”

“My mom used to have this wooden treasure-box where she kept all her jewelry. And then one day I convinced her to pass it on to me, now I keep all my precious stuff in there.”

“I have always found it astonishing that a ring can be kept and passed down to different generations. Just the idea that this was my grandma’s and then my mom’s and then mine makes me feel like I belong.”

“We were always in a rush to grow up, we used to dress up like our mothers and imitate their every move. I used to find pleasure in playing around with her bags. This one was my favorite, and I’d hold it just the way she does.”

“I have always been obsessed with my mother’s jewelry. I’d wear her rings even though they weren’t my size, but now that they are, I have officially stolen them!”

“Ever since I was a little kid I’d sneak into my mother’s room and play with her purses. These tiny vintage clutches with their embroidered material just never get old, you got to love them.”

“My mother used to keep this retro notebook with all these old heritage postal stamps in it. To me it felt like a piece of history, and it was definitely my favorite item in her closet.”

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