6 Vaseline Miracles

Do you know the super powers of Vaseline? It’s time to be creative playing with beauty products

Eyebrow gel: it works perfectly as an eyebrow gel. If you run out of your regular eye brow gel no need to panic, Vaseline will do the trick, leaving your eyebrows groomed and neat and shiny.

Lipstick: now here’s a smart trick ladies, you can make your own lipstick. Get out all the eye shadows you have and choose the shade you want and add Vaseline to it; voila you have your handmade lipstick.

Ring repellant: If you cant get rid of that tight ring you were trying in the store get out your Vaseline and put some on your figure and leave with your chin up high, come on it happened to us all at least once. So yes it makes your hand greasy that anything that come out rings and bracelets you name it.

Make up remover: you know that hard make up stain that you need to rub on for minutes with your regular make up remover well kiss that goodbye because Vaseline will be your best makeup remover. It removes makeup the quickest even the hardest thickest makeup. I told you it does wonders.

Tame that hair: if you run out of your leave in conditioner and you need to tame your frizz, you can apply a little bit of Vaseline on the ends of your hair to make it look healthier.

Moisturizer: Get rid of those man rough hands in the most effective way possible, it may disturb you at first but eyes on the prize ladies it’s the best and quickest way to have smooth and soft hands

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