5 Wellness Centered Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Whether it’s your mother or your sister or your best friend, Valentine’s day is a time to show love to the people in your life. There is no better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a thoughtful gift to help them take care of themselves. 

Here are 5 wellness centered gift ideas to give to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day

Yoga Package from Osana Family Wellness

A perfect way to revitalize the soul, yoga is the wellness exercise we all need. Get your loved one a pass to a class they might be interested in. Osana is a local wellness hub that offers an array of classes to choose from, your wellness friend will love it. 

The Super Pack from Beam 

Beam is a local brand that focuses on women’s health & wellness products. The first of its kind in Egypt, Beam offers an array of products from their intimate moisturizer to their gentle cleaner. And my personal favorite, their flame candle that turns into a messaging oil when melted. Genius!

Beam Brand egypt

Planner by Dots 

Journaling is the wellness tool we all need to get behind, even if it’s just for 10 minutes every day. It will leave you feeling calmer and more centered. Dots planners have been our favorite journaling tool for a while now.

Body Care Set from Youngivity 

Youngivity is a local brand that combines working out with showering. They call it “bathrobics”. The sets come with a body wash and two loofahs, as well as a guide on how to do the exercises. 


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Aromatherapy Kit from Areej 

Nothing says wellness like aromatherapy. Whether it’s a nice bath or a self-care day at home, an aromatherapy set is the perfect wellness gift to have for your soothing afternoons. 

Valentine’s Day is a time to show the people in your life some love and appreciation. It can be by spending time with the people you love, or by giving them something that will make them happy. 

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