5 Food Trucks We Love in Cairo! 

5 Food Trucks in Cairo

Imagine this: you’re out with friends having a nice walk when you all decide to eat. However, you’re bored of the usual sit-down at restaurants and you want something that feels a little bit like an adventure. All you’re craving right now is the perfect warm meal or dessert to end the day and have fun with your friends. You stumble upon a food truck and you get the greatest night out with your people. That is why we have compiled this list of our favorite food trucks in Cairo to help you get that warm delicious meal! 

BRGR (@thebrgrtruck

Originally started in Mivida and Sahel, the BRGR truck has been the new sensation for quite a while now. Whether it’s about its delicious well-crafted burgers or its mouthwatering tiny pancakes, BRGR has definitely got your back. It has now branched out into stores and trucks all over Cairo. Make sure to check their page to know more!


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Just Smash (@just.smashburger)

Just Smash burger is like your friend at the end of the street waiting for you to hang out. It makes the delicious smash burgers we all love with a wide range of flavors and toppings. Just Smash burger is in Sheraton and open every day from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, so make sure to not miss it. 


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Shocks Burgers (@shocksburgers)

Shocks has always been shocks, right? It’s the perfect burger buns and chicken sandwiches with the perfectly salted fries. Shocks is nostalgic for all of us, and it has been able to maintain its delicious taste and quality throughout the years. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. Make sure to check its truck at The Waterway or any of its other locations. 


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Kamikatsu (@kamikatsueg)

So, who doesn’t get a little Asian craving and need to satisfy it immediately? That is exactly what Kamikatsu is here for. Whether you want to satisfy the craving for the viral Tiktok dumplings or need a little hug with all time classic vegetable noodles or you just need a good fusion with Japanese ingredients in a little sandwich, then Kamikatsu definitely has got your back. Make sure to check it at Walk of Cairo and Maadi. 


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Flying Dogs (@flyingdogseg)

Flying dogs has the best chicken wings and hot dogs out there. It is situated in the heart of Maadi and if you were ever craving some chicken wings and you wanted a quick treat while in your car, then Flying Dogs is definitely your guy. Make sure to check it out for a deliciously flying meal!


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