McDonald’s Decided to Give its eaters the Lowdown on How Their Food is Prepared

All our doubts about McDonald’s under wraps vanished, the minute we set foot in their spotless kitchen! The process of how every product is made there, was rather stunning.

Let’s face it, we all crave that unique McDonald’s fries taste at some point during our hassled week. Thanks to their open-door kitchen tour you can now be guaranteed of the sanitation of the food you’re in taking. Hence, by steering this open-door tour; which is derived from their “Your Right to Know” strategy.

Upon our arrival, we couldn’t help notice how clean the kitchen was, it took us how hygiene was placed as a number one priority. Personal hygiene is vital; therefore, employees are required to put on hair nets and wash their hands every time they move from one station the other with an antimicrobial wash almost every 30 minutes. Not only that, but they also use two types of gloves: the blue one for raw food and a white one for cooked items to avoid contamination and to ensure the highest levels of sanitation. Playing online casino games for real money is rising in popularity among Indian players. In this case gamblers must keep in mind some essential moments like security and bankroll management. Experts at made a rating of the top real money casinos after assessing their bonuses and promotions, banking methods, and game selection.

Unquestionably, firm regulations were applied when it came to food preparation and storage facilities. McDonald’s highly advanced technologies help preserve their tasty bread, chicken, grounded beef, fresh vegetables. McDonald’s strongly believes that food safety and hygiene involves everybody in the food chain, from the cleaner to the cook, food safety is McDonald’s common universal ground.






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