Will Adele Like Being an Egyptian?

When it comes to judging people by the way they look, Egyptians are no strangers to that. Every curvy, skinny, short or tall girl –who was raised to an Egyptian family– has heard silly and snarky comments about the way she looks, whether it’s from her mother or any female member in her family. We put Adele to the test, to see if she can survive being an Egyptian girl –without ending up in therapy. Here are what the people of Egypt would say to Adele.

She will never find “someone like you”

Her mother, and aunts, will keep on reminding her of how she lost a great chance of building a family –and finally finding someone who wants to marry her. No one is going to fall in love with her again, as long as she doesn’t lose the weight.

People will say she started a career in music to find a husband

People are going to disregard her talent –and powerful voice– and comment on the fact that she put herself under the spotlight to find a husband. Because, let’s face it, no one is going to love the way she looks.

Her husband will keep on judging her, and will demand she has to lose the weight

Her mother is going to do the impossible to find her a fit husband. When she does, he’s going to constantly comment on the way she looks –and demands she loses some of the weight. Even though she will never comment on his belly –that appeared out of nowhere– or his bald spot that grows bigger everyday.

She will live an unending battle of body-shaming and bullying

Her nickname at school would have been “feshella” or “kalbooza”. Her mother’s friends would comment on the fact that she’s cute, but she’s a bit chubby, and would recommend a great dietitian to help her get rid of that extra weight. Oh God, will she dread her teenage years. They will be filled with unending visits to the nutritionist. She will struggle to find the right friends that will see the beauty in her. Attending weddings are going to be a nightmare.

She would probably start a career in comedy

It’s a common phenomenon to find a plus size female starting a career in comedy, whether it’s in Arab or Western cinema. Adele would definitely try out being a comedian, to fit in and gain people’s admiration. As long as she is making fun of herself, and is a source of laughter, people are going to accept her.

Adele are you up for the challenge?





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