3 Minute Interview with the Egyptian Nudist

Please tell us how does nudism help us accept our bodies the way they are?

What we see around us all the time in mainstream media is unrealistic, manipulated representations of the human body, ones that adhere to what we refer to as “beauty standards”. In a nudist environment you see real people naked, and it shatters all preconceived perceptions about how the body really looks like, and that leads to accepting your own body.

People have gone streaking in Cairo before. Are you pro or anti the idea?

I’ve gone streaking myself, but usually very late at night and in places without people. I am against forcing nudity on unwilling others, but streaking for the sake of fun is fine by me I guess.

What is the silliest question you’ve ever gotten on social media?

I guess the silliest must be the ones about how I go out in the streets naked and I go to work naked. I can’t even go to work in shorts!

Winter is coming… Any advice for nudists who may get a bit chilly?

My number one tip is always to wear socks. If the feet feel warm, the rest of the body will feel warm too.

Say the whole world adopts nudism. What will happen to all those fashion designers?

Designer towels maybe? Nudists need towels!

Favorite clothing item?

I do have a thing for leather jackets…

Do you think that people would’ve given you an even harder time if you were a female nudist?

Definitely. There are generally a lot of double standards when it comes to the kind of behavior expected from a man versus the one expected from a woman, especially in Egypt.

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, what would you wear?

Armor of course!

Do you know what women want?

I believe that if you boil it down to the basics, men and women want the same things. 

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