3 Minute Interview with Cairokee

How did you win your last MENA Best Band award?


Tamer Hashem: We didn’t even know that we were nominated, until we found out that we won by fan votes, which was the best part about it.


Sherif Hawary: I don’t believe in festivals and awards, but when we knew that this award was a vote by fans, it meant a lot, and we dedicate all of our music to our fans.


How do your fans make you feel?


Amir Eid: Our fans are why we are still playing music and all the success that we are accomplishing is only due to our fans who believe in us and are always there for us. A fan gave me a sign that I keep on my wall saying, “Don’t stop writing music!”


What did the fans ever do to you to make you feel like you are successful?


Adam El Alfy: I got some pictures from our fans of our lyrics of signs in Tahrir. I didn’t believe it at first, but when I went to Tahrir and saw it with my eyes and saw how much people were affected and empowered by our music, I felt f that I was useful for the first time in my life.


What does the award mean to you?


Sherif Moustafa: This award is for Egypt, for the first time a band in Egypt wins this title as a band. We did this for all bands in Egypt since the concept of bands in Egypt is a lead singer and bunch of unknowns playing instruments behind him, now we are challenging this concept after achieving success as a band.


Do you have any creepy fan encounters?


Amir Eid: Sometimes people send me Facebook messages to meet up in private, that’s weird!


Do you know what women want?


Sherif Hawary: women get whatever they want, that’s the way it always is. 

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