“+18” The Latest Exhibition by Artist Shahira Kamal is Currently Taking Place at Arcade Gallery! 

Shahira Kamal

Shahira Kamal is a visual artist, instructor, singer and songwriter. She graduated fine arts in 2006, and she is the co-founder of EIC organization for spreading art graffiti. Shahira Kamal has 12 years of experience in teaching art to all ages. Including wall art projects, and is now providing college workshops, and preparing high school students to
enroll in art universities. Shahira Kamal took part in a number of art exhibitions, and one solo art expo in 2019. She also contributed to a number of community-related art
projects. Shahira Kamal’s work truly speaks for itself and you will definitely be able to see that in her latest exhibition “+18” taking place at Arcade gallery from October 18th to November 17th in 2022 open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Shahira Kamal

The Concept Behind “+18”

This Exhibition represents a state of contradicting compositions, and the heroes of its stories are those closest to Shahira’s heart; the elders. Shahira Kamal stated that she wouldn’t want to over-explain the art, preferring that each person perceives as they please.

Shahira Kamal +18

The compositions appear in diverse contrasts; whether in place, space, emotions or movement, yet they harmoniously offer our heroes (whether we like it or not) satisfaction.
This exhibition is the result of many production stages, inspired by the workshops of the international contemporary artist Hany Rashed, who is the reason, as Shahira describes, for pulling her “brain” out from “still ruts”.

Art Statement from Shahira Kamal

“I don’t care anymore, don’t wear yourself out, my child.”

“Do not interfere, do not decide for me my emotions, for they are my own. What matters to me the most is having my cup of coffee at Seven AM…or is it Twelve? I don’t care.
I watch my wrinkles, they form a map of a past I hardly recall, yet it’s enough for me to not care anymore. This won’t be my last cigarette. I will eat the sweets I love, regardless of your annoyance. What I care about the most is … what I care about the most, whatever it is…
“IT” is up to me, so leave me to my tiny universe. Don’t wear yourself out, my child.”
Yours truly,
a Big Baby.

Shahira Kamal +18

Shahira’s work is stunning. It blends in signs of everyday life that are modern, true, and raw. It is truly amazing to see art revive itself fully in the world, especially if it’s as authentic and beautiful as Shahira’s work is.

You can catch the exhibition at Arcade Gallery Maadi every day until 17th of November, from 11 AM to 7 PM.

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