11 Local Brands You Must  Check Out

 It sure is a great time to be alive and Egyptian! Why? Because now you can witness the strong revival in the fashion scene thanks to local Egyptian brands that made shopping so much easier, more elegant and satisfying. For the shopaholic in you, we compiled a list of brands that you are going to fall in love with.

Linea Jewelry

Finally, contemporary art meets jewelry in Egypt. Linea makes gold-plated silver jewelry inspired by illustrative art. Earrings, rings and much more. Each piece is incredibly unique and very artistic.


Ramla is your ultimate authentic shoe brand if you are into mules! They make irresistibly modern high-end mules which are equal parts comfortable and chic.  n 

Farah Seif

Farah Seif is a local Egyptian brand that makes unique asymmetric designs. Formal, casual and occasion wear that is truly one of a kind.


Reel is a brand that offers modern voguish designs made with very trendy fabrics. They always have cool jackets in a myriad of colors.


This brand is redefining Egyptian beauty production. From the cool names and packaging to the nourishing products. They are all about skin and hair care and their products are simply breathtaking.


Element is an Egyptian brand that makes all kinds of footwear. From loafers to sandals and slip-ons. They use the signature Egyptian leather to create the most stunning local designs.

Rafeya Fashion

Rafeya is an inclusive fashion brand that believes that women of all sizes deserve to be included. They make elegant designs and all you have to do is order your size online.


Wahekaya is a brand that makes customized headpieces and turbans. They sell casual headpieces that work for hijabis and non-hijabis as well along with fabulous bridal and casual headpieces.


Nessa is a local brand that believes in modest modern wear. From occasion dresses and suits, to casual everyday outfits.

Maya Eco

For an Eco-friendly minimal outfit, you should get to know this brand. Maya Eco is a brand dedicated to making minimal linen outfits in an eco-friendly manner. All the clothes are designed in Kuwait and made ethically in Egypt. 

Civilian Clothing

If you want street-style fashion, go to civilian clothing, they have the most trendy bold designs including bodysuits and sweatshirts.


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