10 Places you Can Go to Alone Without Looking Pathetic

You know how sometimes you just need some alone time, and you do not want to stay home? You usually dismiss the idea of going out because going out to have a nice meal, or a cup of coffee while you work or read, can make you look pathetic. Fear not, here is a list of the places where you can go on your own without looking pathetic.







1- Il Mulino: Maadi

Il Mulino offers a wide variety of delicious treats and main dishes. It’s also set in a quiet Maadi street. You can choose to sit in the open area outside, or in the enclosed area. They offer breakfast until 12pm. As well as some of the best pastries you will ever have. We recommend their croissant sandwich with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, mint leaves and pesto.


2- Al Kotob Khan: Maadi

If you would like to grab a cup of coffee while you read, this is the perfect place for you. You can even buy the book you’re planning on reading and then spend the day there. It’s quiet because after all, it’s a library. So you can even work from there.



3- Sufi: Zamalek

A beautifully intimate book cafe, where you can enjoy your coffee while reading your favorite book. The place is quietly lit, and gets nice sunlight during the day. You can sit there pretty much the entire day, surrounded by nothing but good coffee and great books.


4- IMAX at 10AM: 6th of October

Go at 10AM and enjoy a theatre almost all your own. Buy yourself popcorn, choose your favorite flick, and take yourself out on a date.



5- Le Chantilly: Heliopolis

The cozy venue in Heliopolis is a perfect place to take yourself out for a light pastry brunch and coffee. You can even get some work done while you take a break from all of Cairo’s noise.



6- Zawya Cinema: Downtown

Treat yourself to an independent film, or maybe a retrospective about your favorite director. Zawya Cinema prides itself in the diverse, independent movies they screen. Going there on your own will only give you more chances to fully enjoy the films being screened.


7- La Mezzaluna: Zamalek

Delicious Italian food in a cute little Zamalek sidestreet. It doesn’t get any better than that. Get a nice lunch there and enjoy the quiet and the good food.


8- Cairo Opera House: Zamalek

The Cairo Symphony Orchestra’s season lasts from September up until June. Pick out your favorite composer and book a ticket for a concert. Music is something which you can definitely enjoy on your own.


9- Rawabet Theatre: Downtown

You can check their schedule and go to one of the many events, plays and concerts taking place there. You don’t need company to enjoy artsy, cultural performances!


10- Bikya: Nasr City

The ultimate book cafe, where you can read while you’re there, borrow or buy books. At the same time, Bikya offers coffee and sandwiches. You will need this sustenance, because time flies when you are there.


Il Mulino: 7, 261 st, Maadi.
Al Kotob Khan: 13, 254 st, Maadi.
Sufi: 12, Sayed El Bakry st, Zamalek.
IMAX: Americana Plaza, El Mehwar El Markazy, Sheikh Zayed.
Le Chantilly: 11, Baghdad st, Heliopolis.
Zawya: 4, Off Talaat Harb St, Downtown Cairo.
La Mezzaluna: 118, 26th of July st intersection, Zamalek.
Cairo Opera House: Opera Land, Zamalek.
Rawabet Theatre: 3, Hussein El Me’emaar st, off Mahmoud Bassiouny st, off Talaat Harb Sq, Downtown Cairo.
Bikya: 23, Dr. Zaki Hassan st, off El Nasr st, Nasr City.
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