10 Perfect Oriental Fusion Outfits for Ramadan!


With the exhaustion and dehydration that often come in Ramadan’s coattails, it might be tough to stay fashionable and on-point. Worry not! We’ve got you covered with these fun, hip and modest looks you can play around with as you please!


This black, shoulder-cut top from H&M paired with an airy, Black-and-white, patterned skirt from River Island can be the perfect outfit for a late-night Ramadan sohour with friends. You can also add these colorful Flipflops from Boho Shoes along with sparkly, topaz earrings from Home Grown Market to be in tip-top shape!


For warmer days, you can opt for this pastel-colored poncho from Topshop along with a comfy pair of jeans from Zara, and earrings by Azza Fahmy. For a subtle but captivating hint of fragrance, check out Yves Rocher’s perfumes!


You can definitely count on looking unique with this patterned olive vest coat from Zara and skinny black pants from H&M. If you want to add a bold kick to your outfit, look out for these black sandals from Bespoke and necklace from Zagh Jewellery.


This simple grey jumpsuit from River Island looks great when paired with fiery flipflops by Fabs Egypt and a sassy necklace by Vantique Jewellery. This comfortable outfit will take you all the way to Hussein and back to spend a magical Ramadan night.


Wear this flowy cream dress by H&M for an effortless but stylish look. Add these sandals by Forever 21 and Earrings by D Jewelled to get the full look, which works for either Taraweeh prayer if paired with a scarf, or a Ramadan night out on the town!


Check out this stunning dress by H&M paired with this fun, frilly brown bag by Shop Bagwati for a Ramadan night (or day!) out in the city. Pair it up with this unique prayer-bead-like necklace from Jozee, and you’re all set!


This blue-and-red kaftan by Batik available at style-treasure.com is perfect for Suhoor with friends or family along with this bright royal blue bag by Rimini Bags. To add an edge to your look, throw in these baby blue earrings by Accessorize and sandals from Aldo.


For a quirky, cute look, go for this white sequined blouse available at Simply Moka with striped white-and-black pants by Topshop. To add a splash of color, wear this striking blue nailpolish in Viva Antique by Essie and this floral necklace by Bejewelled.


Opt for this beautiful dress by Reem Shaheen available at Jozee and those pretty, minimalist brown sandals for an eccentric fab look. Liven it up by sporting this lovely necklace from Royalite Couronne and lip balm from Lush.


Go for this adorable striped dress by Zara and complement it with these bold sandals available at Taj Concept Store to wow at a casual occasion. Spray some Fragrance Mist by Bath and Body Works for a light hint of fragrance. And finally add this bracelet by Gazelle to your look and you’ll be totally fab!

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