10 Animal Care Organizations to Support on Egyptian Baladi Day

Baladi Dog

Today is Egyptian Baladi Day! It’s a day to celebrate the national Egyptian dog, the Baladi dog. Though you may occasionally stop on your endeavors to pet and play with our furry friends, or stop your car to let them cross the street, or even get a pang of sympathy for them when you see them sleeping on a cold sidewalk, we’re here to tell you that there’s more you can do for man’s best friends! Here are 10 organizations you can support to show some love for the Baladi dog.

  1. Hope – Egyptian Baladi Rescue and Rehabilitation

Hope ShelterIt’s a non-profit organization made up of a network of rescuers and sponsors who provide medical care to save and rehabilitate Egyptian stray animals. Hope needs your help to stay open.

Find out more about how you can help them here.

  1. Animal Protection Foundation

Animal Protection Foundation You may have heard of them through their popular hashtag #playwithastray and watched people play with stray dogs. APF is a non-profit charity and dog shelter that provides rescue, shelter, and re-homing programs to abused stray dogs. Also, AFP raise awareness about the plight of the Baladi dog in Egypt and highlight their merits. Furthermore, to address the problem of street pets’ overpopulation, AFP promote and conduct the merciful TNP (Trap-Neuter/Spay- Release) strategy.

Donate to AFP by clicking here. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. ESMA – Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

ESMAESMA is an NGO that provides holistic services for improving animal welfare in Egypt. They focus on stray dogs and cats, donkeys, horses, camels, animals in the Cairo zoo, and those sold in pet shops along with live animal markets. Currently, ESMA run two shelters (one for dogs and the other for cats) where they provide animals with medical care until they get adopted by families abroad or in Egypt.  Moreover, They do a lot of awareness-raising and advocacy. Find out more about them here.

  1. CART- Cairo Animal Rescue Team

Cart Rescue TeamCART is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing stray animals. They have animal shelters, an animal ambulance, and a hospital. While their name indicates otherwise, CART carry out rescues outside of Cairo as well. Click here to know more about them.

  1. SPARE – Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt

SPARE SPARE is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to protecting animals. They have a dog and a cat shelter as well as a donkey sanctuary. Furthermore, they operate both a set location and a mobile vet clinic. Moreover, they raise awareness about animal rights by organizing campaigning events at schools and lectures. Find out more here

  1. Furever Rescue Foster

FUREVERFurever Rescue Foster is a non-profit organization that provides shelter and rescues strays dogs. They care for them until Egyptians or people abroad adopt them. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. ESAF – Egyptian Society for Animal Friends

ESAF Animal Friends ESAF is a charity concerned with all animal welfare issues in Egypt. They have an animal shelter for dogs and cats. Find out how you can adopt a furry friend through their Facebook page.

  1. Unleashed

Unleashed Rescue & RehabUnleashed is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates abused and abandoned stray dogs in Egypt. They operate purely on donations. To find out how you can help, click here.

  1. Street Paws Egypt

Street Paws EgyptStreet Paws are a group of people who take in Baladi puppies in their homes and care for them until a family adopts them. Click here to know more about them.

  1. The Egyptian Society for Baladi Dogs

ESBD Egyptian Society For Baladi DogsThey are a non-profit organization that provides re-homing and rescue programs and work to raise awareness about the life of Baladi Dogs in Egypt. Click here for more information.

If these wonderful organizations haven’t already convinced you to donate or adopt a Baladi dog, this Instagram page sure will. Baladi Dogs is a platform dedicated to showcasing the cutest pictures of happy Baladi pets from their adopted homes. Follow them for some wholesome content and donate to any of the organizations above to save a Baladi Dog’s life. Also, check out more of our articles on Animal Rights in Egypt here.

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