Save our Animal Shelters!: ESMA needs our help to stay open

As we all know, Cairo has an epidemic of street cats and dogs roaming freely around our neighbourhoods. The situations for many of these animals is dire, with food and water being scarce, many having to protect themselves from other larger street animals and diseases such as rabies being rampant. The number of semi-feral animals in the streets, also can bring danger to us when we walk the streets alone or at night. For many years, ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) has been looking after such street dogs and cats, as well as donkeys, horses and camels that are mistreated and rescuing animals that are kept in horrific conditions in pet shops or by unloving owners.

Credits: Facebook-Bahra Fahmy
Facebook: Bahra Fahmy

ESMA has provided these animals with food, shelter and love, helping nurse many from the brink of death to becoming fit, healthy and happy. But now after taking in 1,300 abandoned and mistreated animals, looking after them and caring for their needs, Esma may be forced to shut down due to lack of funding. With only 1000LE in their bank account, the chances of them paying for their rent, bills and all the animals’ expenses for this month are nonexistent. If the shelter shuts down, these animals will be left with nothing and most of them will be forced back to the streets. So we must do something to help!

Facebook: Bahra Fahmy, for full post click here.
Facebook: Bahra Fahmy, for full post click here.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, outlining the struggles that ESMA currently faces, Bahra Fahmy has called for donations. So far the post has received a hugely positive response, with 1,300 shares and many comments offering support. But to keep the shelter open and protect these animals, we all need to do our part! If you would like to donate, please go to this website, use vodafone cash with this number: 01027732221 or email:

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