Zamalek Won the Cup! The Funniest Reactions on Social Media to Last Night’s Match

The best thing about an Ahly VS Zamalek football match is that it’s not without its usual drama. Last night Zamalek won the cup, and Egypt was turned upside down. Between Zamalek fans’ celebrations and Ahly fans mourning their loss, those who didn’t care much about football found themselves stuck in the middle of the fight. Still, when a fight takes place on Social Media, it’s kind of fun to observe. Here are the funniest posts we found on Social Media during and after the match.


Everyone Saw the War Coming




Zamalek don’t Always win, but when they do, they’re More than Prepared





Sadly, Even when they Win, Some will Always Remind them of their Previous Losses





You Know Zamalek is Winning when This is what Ahly’s Coach Looks Like during the Match




And the Players Look like That…



That’s when Some Fans Decide they’re Out



All in all, good game, everyone. Ahly and Zamalek fans, play nice, joke around, but always respect a good game.

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