Youssra Allam: The Young Advisor to the Egyptian Ministry of Education Tells her Own Story

Two months before my wedding, on a very random day, I was watching TV with my mum and we saw an advertisement for the presidential leadership program. It was very exciting to hear about this new program, but this was in the middle of my wedding preparations, and I was worried about joining for the duration of one whole year. Luckily, my mum encouraged me to enroll in the program anyway and it was how everything started.

Through this program, I got introduced to Dr. Tarek Shawki before he became the Minister of Education. Now, I am the Adviser to the Minister of Education and Technical Education for Marketing and Communication since almost two years ago.

My role is simply to disseminate all the ministerial decree, the ministry’s vision and strategy to the public in a very simple way to make the message understandable to even the illiterate individuals.

This is not the highlight of my story yet. I joined the Minister’s team when I was pregnant in the fourth month and it was my first baby!

The great passion I had towards working for something sustainable that outreaches 20 million students drove me to go back to work after just a week of giving birth to my baby. Sometimes my baby girl attends high-level meetings with me; I used to feel embarrassed at the beginning, yet the support and respect I receive from my people I meet made me feel more proud of myself.

I definitely can’t deny the support I have from my mother, my husband and my sisters. The minister himself is very supportive!

The ministry of Education & Technical Education is working hard to make the governmental school curriculum content as good as international standards with the support of many international organizations, such as UNICEF, Discovery Education and many more while working with the Ministry of Education Center of Curriculum & Instructional Materials Development. This new curriculum has already been implemented in all governmental schools in KGs & primary one for the school year of 2018/2019.

And it is always young ladies who work behind the scenes! So my advice to all girls is “we all really rock once we follow our passion”. Below are some quick tips for all young girls:

1- Always look up high-so high-no matter how many times you fail

Whether it’s your career, education or relationship, never make anything hamper you to attain your goals. We all have our ups and downs, yet always be courageous to face your downs with confidence and keep going to develop yourself. Always believe that “the comeback is always stronger than the sit back.”

2- Wear your smile:

Always be optimistic and follow your passion. Love people and love to see them happy; Karma works in mysterious ways. Happiness is all within yourself and your way of thinking, so stay glamorous.

 Yousra Allam is 30 years old, Master Degree holder & now in her last year of her PhD. She has worked many years in multi-national entities, and is now one of the youngest advisors to the Minster of Education.




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