Your Sahel Guide to all that is Fashion, Fun and Food!


A week away from Eid holidays, everybody who’s anybody needs to be informed about The Sahel Shenanigans; so we’ve compiled a list of all the it spots that’ll be popping up in sahel for the summer’s duration. Looking for food? Transportation? home accessories? Ice cream? We’ve got you covered! Happy Eid!

1. Lychee – Diplo

Whether you’re dieting or not, nothing tastes better than an ice-cold, freshly-squeezed concoction of Lychee’s fruits, along with a Greek yogurt granola and fruits breakfast on a hot summer’s day.

2. Uber –

transportation to anywhere in Sahel all day everyday! Let’s do the responsible thing and call Uber. Create a profile from the application found at your app store and you’re good to go. Literally.

3. Mistiqa – Between Amwaj and Blumar

Mistiqa brings along its Molokheya and authentic Egyptian and Mediterranean food. Coming from Dubai,  all the way to Sahel; their shisha-until-5-am is tagging along! Contact 012 8155 5551

4. Moguib Gallery at Ax and Beyond  – Diplo

Ax and Beyond home accessories makes its annual way-up-to-sahel, this time bringing along the hip brand, Moguib Gallery. Coasters, mirrors, lamps and even handbags and beach-bags with whatever print you choose are going to be available.  Contact 01001622509/2

5. Al Sagheer Salons – Hacienda White, Marina 2, Emporium

For those Sahel weddings where you need to look your best, Al Saghir is packing up and making their way up to the North Coast to keep those locks in order!

6. The Catering Co. – Hacienda White

Enjoy a large spread of beach snacks, drinks, and meals by The Catering Co. Anything they provide can be reheated in the microwave for a quick, summer-efficient and delicious fix.

7. Stavolta – Hacienda bay

Our favorite Maadi ice cream spot is bringing it all to Sahel. Need we say more? Contact 0225210065

8. Ciel Beach – Amawaj

A new membership-only beach catered by The Smokery. They say they’re doing it right, and we agree.

9. Bayside – Hacienda bay

Located at the same spot that was previously Riverside, Bayside is aiming for a Mediterranean-living-style all summer long with cute pergolas and sky-blue waters. Contact 01279409700/1

10. The batter half – Hacienda white

Cairo’s  go-to dessert stop, The Batter Half, is upping their game for the season. Not only are they heading to the North Coast, they’re also going to be serving their very own ice cream! Contact 0227370036

11. Tamara – Marassi

Tamara Bistro will be gracing Sahel with their Lebanese presence and of course their smokin’ shisha!

12. The dressing room- Amwaj and Diplo

The Dressing Room are revisiting Sahel for another season, bringing us all the hippest and hottest fashion picks right by the beach. Contact 0227381116

13. Bloom Egypt – North Coast

They’re blooming at the North Coast! Or a container is, at least. Don’t miss out on keeping your skin radiant just because it’s beach season; Bloom’s here! Contact hotline16350

14. Bayt Ward – Marasi

The UAE’s pop-up shop is popping up in Sahel. Fashion picks, home accessories and summer-perfect outfits are now available.

15. Adrenalin Paintball Park – Amwaj

Cairo’s thrill-infused battlefield is opening their doors to adrenaline-rush addicts in Sahel. If you’re bored with the regular sahel beach-party scene, maybe this will help mix it up a little. Contact  012 2500 1008

16. Burgerque  – Amwaj

Burgers after a long day at the beach are a match made in heaven. Obviously, Burgerque are aware and are playing Sahel’s best matchmakers! Contact 01020990008

17.Temraza-Sea Store – Hacienda White

Farida Temraz, the Designer behind Temraza evening gowns, is bringing her magical touch to this season’s beachwear, cover-ups, kimonos and the works! They even have a little section with dresses for beach weddings!

18. Azza Fahmy – El Corte, Hacienda White

Nothing will make your summer sparkle like a piece from Azza Fahmy. This season, they’re bringing up exclusive pieces to the North Coast! contact on 0100 566 0525.

19. Cafe Blanc – Marassi

Our go-to place for some great shisha, drinks and spot-on Lebanese desserts. They have a great view that gets even better as the hours get late. Contact 01000024037.

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