You don’t need to cry over spilt milk, just pour another glass! Check out Almarai’s brilliant new campaign

It is a picture-perfect portrayal of the truth, proving once and for all that we weren’t born instinctually knowing how to be great mothers, but we actually had to learn the hard way. In Almarai’s brilliant new campaign you’ll find 6 compelling messages that every mother will relate to.

1) You don’t have to know everything
There is nothing wrong with second, third and fourth attempts. Mothers don’t need to always be right, they can stumble, drop the ball, mix the wrong syrup, or even wake the baby up. It is okay to be new to this and to have absolutely no clue how it works. Almarai’s “????? ??????” highlights that only experience can teach us lessons we won’t forget.

Credit: Almarai Campaign Video

2) Mothers aren’t all the same
Even if it is the same ride, it is always a different story. Every mother goes through her own roller coaster of ups and downs before she remembers to keep the antiques away, stop the hysterical screaming with a funny dance, or nudge her baby to sleep. This master piece of a campaign takes the pressure off the expected to know it all-mom and grants her the chance to discover her baby and discover herself in the process.

3) Mistakes are a sign that you are on the right track
If you are doing mistakes, it means you are trying. Being a mother is an already beautiful truth, so why are we trying to sugarcoat an already sacred truth? Mothers don’t need to always be right. Perfection is a beautiful place but sometimes striving towards it is idealism itself.

Credit: Almarai Campaign Video

4) It is okay to be scared
Being shaky is part of the process, it baby steps your way to stability and confidence. Eventually your doubt turns into determination. There is always a way to make great experiences out of random mistakes and enjoy yourself in the meantime. You don’t need to cry over spilt milk, because you can just pour another glass, and enjoy the time you spend together laughing at each other’s milk moustaches.

5) It will get better once it gets worse
You never know when the next great thing will happen, when you finally make your baby smile, have him eat a proper meal or pronounce your name for the first time.
Mothers don’t need to know it all, finally someone said it and it is Almarai.

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