What Yogic Philosophy tells us about the male mind

In yogic philosophy, men are said to be similar to the energy of the sun and women are said to be similar to the energy of the moon. In this article I will give you a glimpse of what that means so you can see how to apply it in today’s world.

It is important for you to be mindful that with the advancement of technology and globalization, the qualities of men and women are certainly changing. However, in a country like Egypt where the male bravado and chauvinistic persona is strongly present, you might agree that this symbology holds truth and is useful in understanding the male and female psyche.

If you reflect about the qualities of the sun you might agree that it provides heat and energy, has a direct and focused ray of light and is penetrating the gray and cold. Men are likened to the sun because since the beginning of time they have carried the role of the provider – shelter and financial.  They are focused and direct their energy on climbing the ladder of success in their career in their recreation sport/hobby of their choice.  For a man, his success comes from his accomplishment and ability to prove to his own self that he did it. Men also have a one-track mind and prefer not to multi-task, they are direct in their communication, they prefer to focus on their life’s project whether that’s career or recreational.

So how can this information be useful for us here in Egypt?

From before they are born, the male figure is carried on a pedestal. He is sought after. Every father wants his wife to give birth to a male. Every mother wants to give birth to a male. And when he is born, he is treated like the king of the house. Never is he encouraged to walk into a kitchen, pick up the garbage, wash some dishes, cook a meal, set the table, fold the laundry or carry/feed his crying baby sibling. He is served completely and fully with devotion and dedication from his mother and even sisters.

As the young boy grows up, he carries this attitude, which says ‘I am the King’ in his adult and married life. He remembers how his father lived. He remembers that his mother gave ample room for his father to focus on his work/career so he can provide for the house. He remembers how his mother never asked his father to step foot in the kitchen. That she always served him with dedication, devotion, honor and respect. He remembers how his mother was always capable of doing a zillion different things at home and how she was good at it.

So, he the least of all, he expects that his wife to be like his mother.

If you are a woman and want to improve your relationship with any male figure in your life, you need to understand his psyche through compassion.  Understand that his yardstick is what he saw growing up in his home. Cultivate the skill to communicate directly but also in a non-confrontational way to explain to him what bothers you and what you need. Give him the chance to offer a solution to your problem since men like fixing things.

If you are a man and want to improve your relationship with any female figure in your life, you need know just like your mother, she deserves respect. Yet, maybe one difference is that, his mother never had a full time job. And in today’s world, women have full time jobs. And are also expected to be the caretakers of the home so be willing to share some of her responsibilities in the home.

Women are likened to the energy of the moon. The moon is changes over the month, is calming, cooling and reflective. The woman has the capacity to change quickly and so she can multi-task and was blessed with this strength so she can carry her child while cooking a meal and so forth. And she is also emotional, her emotions change quickly and drastically.  She is good at reflecting back what she can sense. Her role is to reflect back to her husband, how she sees him, but to be careful to confront his ego.

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