Yara El Gendy and her Feel Good Zone

Being a radio presenter is as fun as it is stressful. A lot of effort is put into making sure everything happens on time and keeping the many listeners entertained, but time must also be put into living a happy and healthy life. Here is how Yara El-Gendy does it!


A healthy Figure:


Starting with Yara’s diet, she prefers lighter meals. Some of her favorite things are artichokes and broccoli; “I could literally eat 1kg of broccoli”. Now for the sweet tooth some frozen yogurt satisfies that. Exercise is also needed to maintain a healthy figure. Yara attends Spinning and Pilates classes and enjoys a game of squash every now and then.



Peace of Mind:


Music plays a big role in influencing our mood, Hip-Hop and R’n’B are what make Yara feel her happiest. “Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Mercy is definitely one of my favorite tracks now”.Other than music, the presenter loves spending time with her “better half” and her girl friends, of course not forgetting her Chihuahua, Diva “she’s my companion too!”.


Sometimes stress gets the best of us. “To blow off some steam I try to get away for the weekend but if I can’t leave the city I simply check into a hotel for a night. In the worst case shopping will do it, I love a new pair of shoes”.



Love your Job:


Some days we all hate our job, that’s when we are reminded of why we do it and how much we love it. “I love my job!”, says Yara, “it really boosts my self esteem when I get complimented for a show or any of my work in general”. The favorite thing about her job is the interactivity with the listeners “they’re awesome!”



Tip form Yara


Since we live in such a dry climate, always moisturize and stay hydrated. That’s the most important thing. Just keep it simple!”

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