Worried about turning into a Bridezilla?

You better call Eventista!
Eventista is bold, beautiful and full of surprises. The freshest wedding planner and event organizer in town is all what you need to make your dream wedding come true. Whether you are a perfectionist or totally unaware of all those wedding preparations and technicalities, Eventista will be your best friend.
After working in a bank for four years, Salma Rafik the young lady behind Eventista knew that it was about time to start something she is really passionate about. She started out in the event planning business by working with Hany Kabesh an established wedding planner and then started out her own company. Kabesh joined forces with Salma in Eventista sharing his experience on a different scale.
The Eventista team brainstorms with the bride and groom and they’re mainly characterized as customized wedding planners. They get closer to the bride and groom and focus on their points of interest in life in general. Then they come up with an idea that suits the couple’s character and unique style. They can also brainstorm the right venue and decide on the best photographers and DJ.
From pretty vintage morning parties to glitz and glam modern weddings, Eventista knows it all. They are also very creative when it comes to organizing the setup, guest book ideas, candy bars and crazy playful colors!
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