Working for your Dad… Dream or Obligation?

We all work for different reasons,but how and where do we choose to work? Do we choose the easy way out if we have it laid out in front of us?  Some of us actually have it all there, but do they choose to take the easy way out or they invade the corporate world with arms wide open?

We graduate all cheerfully, living in the glittering world of illusion that we will climb up the career ladder in a year or two. Then we hit the ground and we get to realize that we need to focus, decide and know where we are really heading and what do we want to achieve given that we are women in an oriental society. We start thinking and evaluating, and we ask ourselves, is taking the easy route and working in the family business what we want to achieve? This isn’t a luxury that we all have though; but if we have it what would be our call? Will it be a dream or an obligation?

This dream or obligation for some may end up in being a curse that many women want to refrain from. Those women believe that they should have a choice and they shouldn’t be obliged to choose between walking their parent’s pathor abandoning them. They feel that they are obliged to let go of their own dreams, their own fate and pick out their families’ path. They face the same cultural restraints even after graduating; they are again restricted by parental rules, but do they all surrender?

We are brought up in a culture where families have a great deal of influence on us whether we believe they should or should not, they do! We resist but we give in at some point to support and please them. At the end we reach that level of satisfaction not because we had our dreams fulfilled but theirs! Is this what we want though?! We all seek our parent’s gratitude but is it a motive for our decisions?

Parents think their daughters should support them in their own family businesses for their own reasons. They believe it’s safer for their daughters to be at their eye sight and work in their own territory rather than head somewhere else where they can face obstacles, when those obstacles actuallyare the real life! They assume they are saving them the hassle by shielding them from the benefit of finding their way out, making mistakes, learning from them, moving on and succeeding.Those daughters either excel in their family businessesor become more of spoilt brats with all the benefits that they can possibly get in any job.

We all see how nowadays young talents emerge finding a way for their talents to shine. Those females discovered their own talents but didn’t let go of them; on the contrary they made them sparkle in a competitive market where growing a young seed may seem impossible in which their talent became their strength not a guilt!

Even though we are living in times where women are assumingly free to do whatever they want, they still are not! They face social, family and religious pressures. Some give in for the so-called right reasons while others refrain themselves from all sorts of pressures to do what they want and to achieve their very own dreams. Respect to all those powerful women who fight for their own destiny under pressure of their own families and parents.

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