Working-at-home-mothers: Another choice of living

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The idea of working from home has always been there, although no one really considered it a serious job, it is usually considered more of a hobby than a real job; in our times today it is useful to try to change this concept and to introduce the idea to all mothers and to anyone who wishes to have more flexible time and get the best out of his/her life.


What can be done from home?


From writers to crafts makers, many jobs do not really require going out of your house on a daily basis and get stuck in the terrible traffic, and sometimes you do not really have to go away from your computer’s monitor to finish your daily work. The open community and the bliss of communication made it possible to achieve many goals on the phone or through the web.


Home based jobs can vary from the professional type which requires certain skills such as translation, proofreading, copyediting and data entry; as well as writing for magazines or newspapers, web based jobs like web mastering and web designing; to the type that requires talent, skill and the desire to do it like hand-made products or sewing.


Sometimes it does not only concern making money, but for the personal feel of productivity or making the best out of spare times.


Being a mother is already one huge job, and whether you admit it or not, it is what women do best!


It is only your time and your rules to spend it, work whenever suites you inside or outside your home, having flexible working hours or part-time jobs that gives you a space to go for a coffee with your friends or go for a new hair do whenever you feel like it, while you are still getting paid and expressing your capabilities.



Unfortunately, organizations in Egypt who are willing to cooperate and arrange for flexible working environments for women with kids are quiet limited, forcing moms to actually choose between home and work, which strongly affects their lives later on.

Family Friendly Organizations is a listed type of companies already exists in the west, proofing that working for corporate or private organizations will not be laid back by having a mom involved. Many companies –not in Egypt yet- started to have a nursery room within the office building for moms to bring their babies or kids in during their work day, as well as home work stations if the task could be carried out through the web or a network.



I have already meet and worked closely with some mothers who actually work at home or have an arrangement with their employers to work part time or with flexible working hours, and I am delighted to say that it did really work better for them and positively affected their lives, families, self-esteem and even their looks.


Remember always that we work to live and not the opposite!


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