Why Women Prefer Paulo Coelho

1-He tells women what they want to hear

Coelho has lots of romantic novels that women love to read and daydream about. He uses words to make us feel better and make us believe we can achieve anything we want.

2- The spiritual side

Coelho’s novels always contain a lot of spiritual sides and quotes that give us hope in life whenever we are desperate. He always uses words like ‘Hope’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Achieve’, which really boost our self-esteem.

3-He is very down to earth

Although he is very rich and famous, Paulo Coelho is a very humble person and a charitable one, too. This attracts women to his kind heart.

4- He listens to his readers

He always devotes some of his time to his readers and communicates with them via social media. We women love communication more than men, so we just love him for that.

5- He talks about love

We women are very emotional. We talk a lot about love and wish men could talk about love as we do. One of the main reasons why women love Coelho is that love is essential in his life, and of course in his novels, too.

6- His personal qualities

Women seek respect and love, and they see that in Paulo Coelho’s personal life, which he always shares on his social media accounts. They see his passion in things, as well as his respect and love for his wife.


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