Why is everybody neglecting Nadia Lotfy’s Critical Condition?!

In a world of lights, camera and action; sometimes stars stands alone until they fade away. Our media/public attention become news frenzy feeding on repetitive trending and hot topics, neglecting humane and important stories that once mattered.  Nadia Lotfy a legend who left her mark on Egyptian cinema and wooed us by her absolute beauty back in the late 50s and early 60s has been hospitalised due to a recent heart stroke and severe asthma. The star’s health condition has started to dwindle last August when she was immediately sent to the intensive care at Kasr Al Eieny hospital.

Our team recently called the hospital which revealed that her condition is critical yet stable. According to various sources at the hospital, the legendary cinematic beauty is left breathing on respirators for 24hrs on a daily basis. Pictures of Lotfy in her hospital room started to circulate on social media. Sadly, only a few media outlets have shed a light on her current milestone.

A cinematic flair such as Nadia lofty who is also one of the very few iconic actresses from Egypt’s cinematic golden age -who are still alive- that deserves more recognition by the media during hard times as a reward for her great work.

Nadia Lotfy is not the first legend to be neglected by the media during critical times; comedian Hassan Moustafa’s health updates were neglected by the media before his death earlier this year.

We are slowly losing many of our beloved actors who has shaped up the history of Egyptian cinema over decades, yet neither the media nor Ministry of Culture help in supporting those icons until they become late legends.

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