Why did Every 90s Girl have a Nick Carter Poster in her Bedroom?

For some reason, beyond our comprehension, we all loved the Backstreet Boys. Not only that, but the majority of girls – now, women – back then were in love with Nick Carter. The blonde vocalist captured the hearts of girls left, right and center. All he needed to do was sing a verse of As Long As You Love Me, and girls would be swooning. We’ve spent the day looking through Backstreet Boys videos to find out just what we all found so irresistible about him. Was it…


His Cool, Sauntering Dance Moves?


His Incredible Ability to Point?


His Melodramatic Outbursts?


His Ability to Say “No”?


Or that he Gave the Best Attitude?


We’ll never know, but one thing remains true; if we went back in time, we’d still have the biggest crush on Nick Carter.

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