Who Are the Men We Love?

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We all have men we love in our lives. A father (doesn’t the song go “and you’re daddy’s little girl”), a brother who can be a pain in the neck but who will always be there for you, a son, a partner, a husband, a best friend, a cousin, some sort of male figure that we love, adore and can easily run to in our happiest and saddest of times. Not to be taken in vain is the fact that male presence in a woman’s life is of strongly felt importance (and believes me I am not exaggerating), for a woman to embrace the existence of a man in her life does not at all mean that she is giving up her sense of self identity. Simply put, men can be a curse or a blessing, and make no mistake it is not always the bad that prevails.

For myself, I do not like to be taken in by sweeping statements or unfair propagated generalizations about the majority of men being selfish jerks, because that is so not true. It is not that rare or unusual for a woman to be happy and satisfied with the men in her life, whether they are family relations or love interests. However, this does not mean that the men that women love or put their trust into have certain universal or very personal qualities that make them endearing, and that makes women love more and forever. Here is just a little reminder before delving any deeper, things cannot be all good or all bad, but certainly it can not be denied that it is not a matter of calculations or planned lists. However, it must be admitted that there are reasons or factors for making or breaking any human relationship, and in relationships with men it is not always about the heartaches but many many times about the wonderful men we seek to find or men we already have in our lives.

Honestly, we should admit that there are men that we just can’t help but love, and it does not have to be exclusively a romantic kind of love. By all means, there are men with certain personal traits, general characteristics or just plain all encompassing attitude whom women just adore. So, tell me why do you love certain men and hate others, or what attracts you in a guy or more bluntly what prompts you to say I just love this guy. While, you ponder on the previous simple questions, allow me to share with all of you out there my own thoughts on this subject. What woman would not swoon over Mr.Nice romantic guy who will shower you with flowers on simple occasions wooing you with old fashioned but much needed sentiments. However, this romantic type of guy (who will just call to say he loves you) can at some point in a relationship lose momentum, but nevertheless romance will remain in the air.

I think that everyone would agree that in today’s world women have become prominent in all fields and have achieved financial independence to quite a large extent, which has also made them strive more to find their perfect man (or perfect as perceived by each individual woman).In general, women love men who are gentlemen in every sense of the word, regularly opening doors for them and not being sexist or chauvinistic or talking in a snide manner. Basically, pleasant manners and good breeding accompanied by a sincere honest attitude would melt a woman’s heart. It makes all the difference in the world for a man to be courteous in dealing with women whether through simple everyday gestures or by being a genuine good listener which is a quality that a woman honestly appreciates in a man, whether that man is a lover, a best friend, a coworker or whatever. The things that women love about men do not necessarily involve daredevil exquisitely grand moves. Sometimes, it is the simple gestures that a woman cherishes the most, like ordering coffee for her while remembering exactly how she likes it (this certainly shows how aware a man is of a woman’s likes and dislikes). Speaking for myself and I am almost sure that a woman just loves a man who is considerate and caring enough to remember to ask the woman for example specific questions about her work. Sincerity in all actions of men towards women is an ultimate requirement for women the world over.

From a more practical view, women like men who have a strong clear sense of purpose and will accompanied by aprotective nurturing nature. Confidence in a man is also shown in a man’s body language, his way of carrying himself around other people, which are all factors that make women love certain men. A woman also wants a man who is witty and has a sense of humour that will lighten up dark days. Women value the existence of friendship in their lives, and they greatly value and respect men whom they can be friends with and whom they can turn to in difficult times expecting to be treated with an open mind and a true sincere heart. Essentially, I am of the opinion that each and every woman has the right to pursue her search for the perfect man who is gentle, caring, kind, nurturing and an all true gentleman. Ourlives have become so fast paced to the extent that it is no longer possible to establish concrete meaningful human relationships between the opposing sexes.

However, away with all the old age notions of the ensuing battles between the sexes, because that is not the core anymore. Relations between men and women are complementary in the various aspects of our lives. Both men and women have particular notions and ideas concerning people we choose to include in our lives whether on a personal or professional level. The point here is not about high sounding beliefs or flashy concepts, but the heart of the matter revolves around the goodness that a woman perceives in a man. Finally, I would like to add some last thoughts: it is always heartwarming to see a man who is full of self-confidence but not to the extent of having a super sized ego, a man who is not afraid to express his feelings and show his emotions without being hindered by empty societal labels propagating the image of men having to be rough and hard and God forbid if they show a tiny bit of sentiment, a man who knows how to treat a woman in a fine appreciating manner.


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