When We’re Born: A Musical Narration of Youth Struggles and Dreams

Last September was the world premiere of the movie “When We’re Born” at Gouna Film Festi­val, and it was attended by many stars along with the cast and crew. The film’s impressive cast includes Amr Abed, Amir Eid, Malak Has­san, Ibtihal El Serety, Sameh El Serety, Passant Shawky, Mo­hamed Hatem, Dana Hamadan, and Hanan Soliman. It was writ­ten by the late screenwriter Na­dine Shams and directed by Tam­er Ezzat. The plot follows three non-linear storylines of three different young characters: Amin, Farah, and Ahmed. All three are young people, probably in their late twenties or early thirties. Each one of them gets involved in some events where they need to make a very difficult choice.

First, Amin, played by Amr Abed, a fitness coach who works in a prestigious gym and struggles financially to support his new wife and family. Amin receives an offer to engage in some im­moral acts in return for an ir­resistible amount of money.

Farah is a conservative Coptic girl, whose difficult choice comes from a place of love, but that does not make things any easier. She falls in love with a Muslim young man and he proposes to her.

The third character is Ahmed, a young man who wants to pursue a career in music against the will of his father, who wants him to be­come a businessman like himself.

Each character is introduced through a series of unfortunate situations, followed by musical narration performed by Amir Eid.

The movie asks a simple question that makes one wonder about their life, how they are living it and who they are living it for. A lot of our decisions are influenced by other people’s judgments and opinions, and that brings us sad­ness. It is a very simple yet heart­felt movie about three young people in Egypt, going through all-too-familiar struggles. We can all relate to at least one of them, which will make us re­consider how we view our lives and ask perhaps some deeper, challenging questions about our lives, others, and our happiness.

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