When it comes to success, Stop being your own worst enemy

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All we do is create experiences. That is all we do, as human beings. There is nothing else we do here on earth.

Think about your whole day today, wasn’t it a collection of one experience after another? As creators of experiences, we make good ones happen and almost every day, surprisingly, we put a monkey wrench in our own lives and mess things up. Every day, and for no reason at all, unconsciously, we destroy our own efforts and then fail or suffer unnecessarily. When it comes to success, we are our own worst enemy and we don’t even know it. We take one step forward and two steps back, or more. Today we can all stop this unnecessary step backwards and start to become our own best friend. Do you know how much more your life, business, relationships and health would improve if you changed one little thing? Let us see how David Cameron, author of “Happy Pocket Full of Money” saw the solution.

The one and only cause of all failure in any area of your life:

Work in itself is an experience, and we work so that our ‘future’ experiences can become better, or so we hope. Instinctively, we know that we create our own experiences, otherwise we would not bother to put any effort into work. And we desire ‘good’ experiences, that is why we work so hard, believing that the reward will be a ‘better’ life. You have no doubt in your mind that you create your experiences, the only doubt you may have is the extent to which you are in control of the creation of your own experiences. Furthermore, most of humanity recognizes that they make the ‘good’ times, but they are in denial of the fact that they make the ‘bad’ times as well, the ‘failures’. They mostly blame other people and conditions for the bad ones. Well, here is the biggest reason why we have bad experiences and failures in our work, business, marketing and personal life:

Worry and fear:

That is it. That is what causes all the failures in our work, marketing, business, relationships, health and everything else. And do you know why? Because we become what we think about most. Our thoughts create our next experience, our next moment. We have a mountain of scientific, spiritual and psychological evidence of this fact, yet we hear it and forget it. Quantum physicists have proven beyond a doubt that the material world is fully dependent on its observers. They have proven that all matter is made of energy, and this energy ‘arranges’ itself into the matter we see based on the expectations of the observer.

In Islam, for example, God says: I am as my worshiper thinks of me. And in the Quran: “With every shortage there’s an abundance” And The Bible tells us that whatever we ask, we receive, whatever we seek, we find, whatever we believe, we are. Whenever you are thinking, you are asking. Your asking does not start when you start praying and end when you say ‘Amen’. All your thoughts are constant communication with God, communication that is acted upon exactly. Every thought of fear and worry that you have produces an outcome in your world. It is this outcome that you call ‘failure that was beyond your control’. It was never beyond your control you just were not conscious of what you were doing and the power that you had. Let us now see what psychologists and philosophers say:

For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen.” – Kahlil Gibran

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t – either way you are right” – Henry Ford

How most people create their lives and how they get it wrong:

They have a goal, a desire. In terms of work, this goal may be to advance in their career, to launch a new marketing strategy, to have their new private business succeed, or whatever else. They decide to go for this goal. They then have countless thoughts about this goal or desire. A great percentage of those thoughts are worries and doubts as to whether they will achieve this goal. A great percentage of these thoughts are analysis of how they will achieve it and how they may fail. They then analyze the analysis and analyze that analysis until what is left is a mass of confusion and fear and doubt. They reach a point where they don’t even know how they wish the goal to turn outone confident side of them says outcome A will happen, then a fear comes up and it says B, then a newspaper article makes them think C, then a talk show makes them think D and so on. How does anyone expect anything but havoc in the outcome of such haphazard thought full of fear and doubt? You must be like a child. A small child before they are influenced by adults into fear and doubt is of one mind, certain of outcome, ever happy. You can guess how much more successful you would be with such clear thought.

So what is the solution?

Stop worrying and drop your fears. Now it’s the time for more evidence. Again, every religion and spiritual path, not to mention psychologists and psychiatrists, tell us not to worry. In The Quran, for example, God says: Those who rely on God will be at peace” and the Bible tells us “Be anxious over nothing”, “Be still”, and so on. But most importantly, we are guided over and over again into detachment of outcome. Islam, Christianity, Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all other faiths, over and over, in various ways, teach detachment, non-resistance. Letting go. The very idea of struggle is made necessary because of our resistance. Look at nature, things work out without resistance in the most miraculous of ways. Change must happen in this physical realm. Nothing stays the same. Yet everything blooms. It’s the laws of nature; detachment is one of those laws. In any case, what you resist persists. So if you find yourself resisting an outcome you do not wish to occur, you are simply energizing it into occurring. If you have ever observed your life, you will notice that often things have come to you in ways you would never have planned to give an outcome much better than you would have hoped for. How did that happen?

When you decide to do everything yourself, including what you know not, you limit yourself to your fears and finite possibilities. If you have a desire to succeed in a certain thing, express that intension, will it, know that it shall be acted upon without fail by God, just like all of nature is, and let go, with faith and certainty. Detach yourself totally from the ‘problem’, outcome or steps needed for the outcome to happen. over that one thing.

Detachment has been proven to work over and over. Worry and fear has been proven to destroy over and over. Remember; “faith without work is nothing” Stop your mental noise, focus on NOW, and you will start having inspiration instead of worries.

In the next issues, I will be presenting some practical techniques to overcome fear and worry, not by avoiding them but by facing them! Until then, let go. Focus only on what you know and can, and leave the rest to God. If you don’t, you only get in your own way. Let go and enjoy!

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